• scrapbook

    Westside Scrapbook

    Photo by Edizen Stowell | James’ Beach co-owner Daniel Samakow and Peter Cottontail oversaw the restaurant’s 16th annual Easter Egg Dying Bar on Sunday in Venice.…
  • Venice as architectural  laboratory

    Designing Up

    Venice’s eclectic architectural landscape blends individualistic expression with community identity By Joe Piasecki If anything defines Venice architecture, it’s that creativity is contagious. Like nowhere else in Southern ...
  • 2

    Schools double down on language immersion

    Students must change schools to make room for growing Mandarin and Spanish programs By Gary Walker In the three years since Broadway Elementary School in Venice welcomed a Mandarin language immersion program, parents of traditi...
  • Audit questions airport’s LAPD spending

    LAX cannot fully account for nearly $8 million in payments that may have violated federal law By Gary Walker Los Angeles World Airports, the agency that oversees LAX, is unable to provide documentation for nearly $8 million in ...
  • 3news

    Money talks in Westside county supervisor contest

    Familiar names have dominated fundraising in low-key race for high-profile seat By Gary Walker No other political body in California wields as much power with as little oversight as the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. ...
  • Maxine-Waters-TIGER-grants

    News in brief

    Compiled by Gary Walker Maxine Waters takes on the NSA Rep. Maxine Waters (D- Los Angeles), who last year pushed legislation to limit the U.S. National Security Agency’s ability to collect electronic data on American citizens...
  • Drummers and dancers begin to gather for last 

Sunday’s drum circle

    Bad vibrations

    Confrontations with police, paranoia and too much beer are harshing the Venice Beach Drum Circle’s mellow Story by Joe Piasecki | Photo by Ted Soqui                      ...
  • Four Things You Can Do Right Now to Help the Planet

    Compiled by Jennifer Boucher 1. Grow Native Plants Most drinking water consumed by Westside residents ends up on their lawns. Replacing thirsty grasses with aesthetically pleasing native plants can save thousands of gallons of ...
  • The “pond-less waterfall” in Linda Levine’s backyard garden re-circulates and filters water to prevent waste

    Westside homeowners go green

    Mar Vista showcase celebrates eco-friendly choices that beautify neighborhoods By Gary Walker The steeply sloping front yard of Mar Vista attorney Les Hairrel’s Granville Avenue home is a dozen shades of green accentuated by ...
  • Photo by Edizen Stowell

    Westside Scrapbook

    Legendary pro skateboarder Christian Hosoi signs an autograph on April 12 at Venice Originals after the shop’s inaugural Jay Boy Classic skateboarding competition. When Hosoi was a child, his dad — Ivan “Pops” H...
 This Week
Baryshnikov and “Man in a Case” co-star Tymberly Canale go for a ride in a rehearsal for the production at The Broad Stage

Baryshnikov returns to The Broad Stage

In ‘Man in a Case,’ the dancer-turned-actor speaks volumes about love through Chekhov’s uptight characters By Shanee Edwards This year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi closed with a ceremony that celebrated some of Russia’s...
Marcelo Lehninger conducts New West Symphony in a world premiere of Russell Steinberg’s “Cosmic Dust” on Sunday in Santa Monica
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Peas & Carrots goes well beyond the basics

What wine goes well with camel?

Don’t let the name fool you: Peas & Carrots is a walk on the culinary wild side By Richard Foss ( I like dealing with people who are excited and engaged by what they do for a living. This is…
The Corner Door sets a mood that’s perfect for date night