Architect Seeks Support for Footbridge over Ballona Creek

Posted October 28, 2015 by The Argonaut in News
The bridge would cross the creek at McConnell Avenue Rendering courtesy of Paul Howard

The bridge would cross the creek at McConnell Avenue Rendering courtesy of Paul Howard

A Del Rey architect frustrated by the lack of a safe north-south bicycle route between Culver Boulevard and the Playa Vista area is seeking community support to build a narrow pedestrian/cyclist bridge over Ballona Creek along the path of a former L.A. Pacific Electric Red Car crossing.

The bridge near the 90 Freeway would connect the Ballona Creek Bike Path to the McConnell Avenue terminus south of the creek by spanning Ballona and Centinela creeks. Its path would follow — and could possibly re-use — existing concrete supports for the former railroad bridge.

Paul Howard of Tagliaferri Howard Architecture has put the bridge concept in the running for a $100,000 LA 2050 grant, but the project needs as many online votes as possible to be considered for funding.

Online voting ends at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Click here to vote.

 — Joe Piasecki


    Jim Kennedy

    As part of its community benefits package obligation, Playa Vista was suppose to build a pedestrian bridge over Ballona Creek at either EA Way or Playa Vista Dr. I believe this was stopped by by local activist groups along with the widening of the Lincoln Blvd bridge over Ballona.

      George Pamper

      There are concrete pillars at the bridge over Ballona Creek that have been in place for years. They are meant for the widening of Culver Boulevard as it crosses the creek. The traffic at both the North and South lanes is horrific at times and it would benefit the community as a whole to widen and improve Culver. Forget the bridge over Ballona creek as it would only benefit the bicyclists and a few of the students of the Culver city schools.

        kimmief100Kim Furuya

        I know at least five people who would definitely commute to work by bike if this bridge existed.

        Andy Pearlman

        Culver doesn’t cross the creek at McConnell, it cross west of Lincoln, so I don’t think the pillars you see between the 90 bridge and McConnell are for widening Culver.


      Nope. The Playa Vista drive bridge over Ballona Creek was stopped by the State when it acquired the properties west of Lincoln Blvd. No one opposed a bike path. Lots of people opposed the new and widened roads through our wildlife preserve, though, and after the Coastal Commission told the road wideners that such roads would illegally destroy wetlands, the projects were halted. Community members presented plans for bike bridges at the time of the roads’ rejections to the Coastal Commission in 2003. We have long urged that bike bridges be a major component of any restoration plan for the fragile wetlands.

    Wendell Pascual

    But by giving bicyclists a safer option – more would bike and less would drive. So widening of culver may not even be necessary. Does that make sense?


    You have to start somewhere George. Bicyclists and pedestrians NEED this bridge!


    Would love more support for bicycles on the westside. The city cannot remain as car-dependent as it has been!

    Jim Kennedy

    Somewhat germane: “In the few instances in which the city does impose impact fees — to pay for public art or traffic relief, for example — the money often sits for years because of outdated plans or rules that dictate how the funds can be used.”

    Andy Pearlman

    First I think its a great idea (I live near McConnell & Culver). But those concrete supports are not at McConnell, they’re closer to the 90 bridge over the creek, so I’d like to see an aerial rendering showing exactly where the new bridge would go, and yes it would have to go over both creeks. Second on the topic of widening Lincoln at the bridge, although I’m sure the Coastal Commission or whoever had the best intentions by denying it, but its resulted in a terrible bottleneck on Lincoln which probably produces more traffic fume pollution than its worth by sacrificing a few feet of wetlands. I mean, think of all the pollution the birds are inhaling with the stopped traffic trying to get through.


    its not going to happen we have numerous tongva tribal sacred sites areas there -and what rex didnt disclose is there is a NEPA /CEQA EIS process going on right now and none of the alternatives are for any access like that which are incompatible- so that guy is just another scammer abusing funds for a impossible project in which they have zero authority or permission – the whole concept and applying for funds is fraudulent.


    Can someone explain to me why there wasn’t a bridge built a long time ago? It seems so obvious that there should be a bridge there. (I’m from out of town.)

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