Can we call it the Kardashian Rule?

Posted October 1, 2015 by Joe Piasecki in News

Fire Department proposes new fireworks regulations to answer investigation of August’s midnight Marina del Rey fireworks

By Gary Walker

Anyone who plans to launch a fireworks show in Los Angeles County after 9 p.m. may soon need approval from the county’s fire chief, thanks to the Kardashians.

L.A. County Fire Chief Darryl Osby proposes the new requirement in an Oct. 1 response to L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe’s investigation into how and why local government agencies allowed the Kardashains to set off a professional fireworks show in Marina del Rey at just before midnight on weeknight in August.

Osby also proposes steps toward greater interagency cooperation and changing the fireworks application process to incorporate requirements by other local agencies, including public outreach.

The L.A. County District Attorney’s office decided it will not press charges against the pyrotechnic company that launched the Kardashian fireworks — precisely because the fire department had both given an OK and monitored the launch.

Osby’s report confirms that the department know about the fireworks ahead of time and sent a fire safety officer to observe.

“On the day of the outdoor fireworks display, a fire safety officer was onsite to ensure compliance with all of the health and safety codes and regulations. In addition, the fire safety officer was responsible for confirming the methods, quantity and type of fireworks outlined in the permit application,” Osby wrote.

“Due to the time and day of the outdoor fireworks display, numerous complaints were received from constituents throughout Marina del Rey and surrounding communities,” he continued. “Upon review of the circumstances, it is clear that the community outreach and coordination amongst all jurisdictional agencies was missing.”


    steve wallace

    So when this happened and questions were asked, Fire Department knew nothing about it, Sheriffs Office knew nothing about it, Coast Guard knew nothing about it. Now a few weeks later after people started digging deep, Fire Department Captain was present to make sure everything went OK, Sheriffs Department said they knew about t, Coast Guard knew about it. So, question is, based on this very bad decision to allow a Massive Firework Display at 12 midnight on a school night, and the fact that 3 agencies that we are supposed to trust lied, who is loosing there job? Who is being reprimanded? I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW?

    Mr. County Supervisor what are you doing about this?
    Councilmember Bonin what are you doing about this?

    Is will it be swept under the carpet?

    Steve Wallace
    Mar Vista
    Yes – we herd it here also.

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