Past Stories
Sisters stand outside their front gate in Baghdad shortly after the 2003 invasion
Photo by Kelly Hayes-Raitt

Living Large In Limbo: Finding Sura

Twelve years after the bombs fell on Baghdad, the enduring spirit of one Iraqi girl remains unforgettable By Kelly Hayes-Raitt Twelve years ago this week I sat in my Santa Monica apartment glued to coverage of President George ...


A $30-million gamble Re: “Schoolroom Shuffle,” news, Feb. 19 As a retired foreign language teacher, I have a serious objection to Steve Zimmer’s proposal for Mark Twain Middle School. When I taught in an innovative Spanis...

Diners become fast friends during a February secret supper hosted 
at a historic home in Venice
Photo by Richard Foss

A Secret Supper in Venice

Exploring an underground scene where meals come with a side of conversation By Richard Foss ( Some restaurants cultivate the air of a salon or house party, deliberately creating a space reminiscent of an...


Dining Guide for the Westside 2015—Restaurant Listings

AMERICAN Hal’s Bar and Grill Eclectic Hal’s Bar and Grill is a renowned Venice locale offering distinctive American cuisine alongside a lengthy wine and specialty cocktail list with wide appeal. Enjoy signature favorites li...

Daniel Ellsberg believes the First Amendment should protect those who expose government wrongdoing 
Photo by the Tully Center for Free Speech

Interview: Spilling Secrets

Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers while working at RAND, returns to Santa Monica in defense of government whistleblowers Daniel Ellsberg was the original Edward Snowden. While working in 1971 as a U.S. military an...

Don’t overthink the menu at Pepe’s — just order the asada taco platter
Photo by Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

A ploughman’s lunch at Pepe’s

Some strip-mall asada proves that everyday meals can also be great ones By Joe Donnelly Is there anything a cane-sugar Mexican Coke won’t cure? I had one with my meal at Pepe’s Tacos the other day — ...


Crime tale was a paranoid rant Re: “Transient-related crime is no exaggeration,” power to speak, Feb. 19 As an 81-year-old longtime resident of Venice (23 years), four blocks from the notorious boardwalk, I can only describ...

Power to speak: Let’s do better by the homeless

By Holly Mosher In response to “Transient-related crime is no exaggeration,” Power to Speak, Feb. 19. I read Mark Ryavec’s column about homelessness and the break-ins in Venice and felt compelled to respond. Of course it ...

Santa Monica’s Kelly Hayes-Raitt began trekking to some of the world’s most dangerous places shortly before the March 2003 invasion of Iraq

Living Large in Limbo: Life Beyond Politics

Sometimes to find yourself you have to leave everything else behind By Kelly Hayes-Raitt I got into politics to change the world. I got out of it when politics changed me. For 30 years I was a political activist living…

Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club member Norm Peron gets into the samba groove
Photo by Pat Reynolds

Nautical News: Marina del Rey Opening Day 2015

By Pat Reynolds The 2015 boating season is officially upon us, even if last year’s never really ended. Last weekend members of each of the six major Marina del Rey yacht clubs donned their blue blazers and white trousers on&h...

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