Past Stories

The meat of the matter

The beef rib and the chicken come out on top when a barbecue snob puts Outdoor Grill to the test By Richard Foss  Outdoor Grill |12630½ Washington Blvd., Mar Vista | (310) 636-4745 | We were driving d...

Skewered pork belly is among the many delights at Bacari P.D.R.
Photo by Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

Small plates, enormous flavor

The new Bacari P.D.R. offers an Italian take on Spanish tapas that hits all its marks By Richard Foss ( The steep, triangular lot at Culver Boulevard and Vista del Mar Lane is an improbable place for a r...

Spitfire Grill’s widgeon salad is for steak lovers
Photo by Richard Foss

Meals that fly high

Spitfire Grill is a great theme restaurant and the food is good, too By Richard Foss ( The oldest living culinary tradition in Southern California is hard to spot because it looks like something else. An...

5i Indochine’s diverse menu draws from several East Asian cuisines

Small world, big table

5i Indochine Cuisine successfully navigates the flavors of China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia By Richard Foss  ( A Japanese friend of mine rails against “hyphenated” restaurants; she is a...


Curious space, alluring menu

Hotel Erwin’s Barlo Kitchen & Cocktails keeps up the eclectic nature of Venice Beach By Richard Foss ( There’s a very practical sort of genius that consists of noticing opportunities that other p...

A chef uses hot charcoal to prepare kushiyaki at Sakura House
Photo by Richard Foss

Stick, meat, fire

The seemingly simple art of traditional Japanese barbecue can’t be taken for granted By Richard Foss ( I remember when I was taking a friend for his first taste of kushiyaki, the traditional Japanese b...

By Richard Foss

The Art of Wine

Master Restaurateur Piero Selvaggio, founder of Valentino Restaurant in Santa Monica, on the evolution of Italian wine and what that means for your next meal By Richard Foss In 1972, the quality and variety of Italian food and ...

Grain, the backroom whiskey bar at Playa Provisions

Choose your own adventure

Playa Provisions, a new four-eateries-in-one concept, offers great meals wherever you sit By Richard Foss ( There’s a certain type of understatement that is designed to impress, as when someone welcome...

Diners flock The Misfit’s bar for its “Barfly Lunch” menu, featuring $5 weekday specials that include a crispy chicken sandwich and the signature Misfit burger | Photo by Jorge M Vargas Jr.

A Misfit that belongs

1920s art deco nightlife hotspot also serves interesting small plates and excellent soups By Richard Foss ( There’s an idea about cuisine that is best expressed in the Japanese term washoku, which tran...


Plenty of tacos at Paco’s

But try the cochinita pibil — pork marinated in citrus and brilliant red achiote paste — for a real delight By Richard Foss ( I have a friend who stubbornly refuses to learn anything about modern tec...

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