Past Stories
The burgers at Brick + Mortar stand out as a delicious deal

A food truck without wheels

With its creative kitchen and a great happy hour, Brick + Mortar should have no trouble staying put By Richard Foss ( I’m generally not a fan of food trucks — I prefer restaurants that stay right whe...

Barbianca pairs a sleek, contemporary look with exceptionally warm service

Not just for tourists

Barbianca is a hotel restaurant that locals can love By Richard Foss ( If you live in L.A., this has probably happened to you. You are driving somewhere new and get within sight of your destination, but ...

Shiho Yoshikawa flavors her ice cream with unusual ingredients, including herbs and peas

The politics of ice cream

Sweet Rose Creamery founder Shiho Yoshikawa on serving a summer treat in February By Richard Foss ( It’s everybody’s favorite refresher in summer — ice cream, cool comfort food that drops your temp...

A lobster-and-truffle bruschetta shows off the sophisticated pairings and presentations 
of chef Dustin Taylor’s kitchen

A menu full of surprises

Set your culinary expectations adrift at The Anchor By Richard Foss ( The restaurant’s sign has no words, but people driving down Main Street in Venice looking for a place called The Anchor can figure ...

Clockwise, from top left: French toast, salmon Benedict with hollandaise sauce, mushroom frittata and the Detour scramble

Brunch in a bar

Hit the sauce in the morning — the splendid hollandaise sauce, that is — at The Detour By Richard Foss ( When I first heard that there was a restaurant called The Detour, I wondered why anyone would ...

Omar Gonzalez carefully cuts and dry ages the meat served at George Petrelli Steakhouse, including this incredible 3.5-pound double-cut of George’s Extra-Large Porterhouse 
Photo By Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

Steak with a side of nostalgia

Replay medium-rare childhood moments at George Petrelli Steakhouse By Richard Foss ( In the working class family in which I grew up, steaks were only eaten on special occasions. For significant birthdays...

Marissa Post offers a menu at Brick House Kitchen, expected to close by the 
end of the month
 Photo by Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

Barbecue for Brunch

There must be an artist running the brand-new smoker at Brick House Kitchen By Richard Foss (   You might figure that there’s no better way to get the feel of Venice than to walk down Abbot Kinney...

The beefy Firehouse chili burger, pork and jalapeno sausage sandwich, and garlic parmesan fries

Warming up to The Firehouse

A 1901 fire station makes a great setting for comfort food and body builder fare By Richard Foss ( In most businesses it’s rare to celebrate the previous usage of a building. Restaurants are different;...

The decadent berry napoleon
Photo by Richard Foss

Dining in an Art Deco Paradise

A meal at The Shangri-La Hotel is a luxurious and romantic splurge   By Richard Foss ( I grew up eight blocks from the beach, but I rarely go there when everybody else does. When the sun is high and...

Gravlax hits a high note with its gravlax, the Nordic salt-cured salmon for which the bistro is named
Photo Courtesy of GRavlax

On the Turkish-Swedish border

Gravlax proves that two cuisines far apart on the map can still make a very good match By Richard Foss ( There’s a logic to serving multiple cuisines in the same restaurant. It helps if they share a lo...

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