Past Stories
The Bentley Roll: spicy tuna, avocado, seared salmon, sesame dressing 
and sweet sauce

Sweet Fish is pretty sweet

Playa Vista’s neighborhood sushi bar gets high marks for quality, quantity and ambiance By Richard Foss ( One of the iniquities of mining towns of the American West was the company store — the sole s...

Phorage owner Perry Cheung (right) at the 
PPLA Food Fare
Photo by Michael Aushenker

The Pan-Asian Experience

Feast your way around the continent with Westchester’s Ayara Thai Cuisine and Playa del Rey’s Phorage ASAP By Michael Aushenker Pan-Asian cuisine has never been more popular in L.A. Luckyrice Los Angeles, an annual collabor...

Heather Roseborough specializes in cakes, brownies, 
wwtea cakes and gluten-free recipes
Photo by Richard Foss

Keeping it Fresh

Crave Dessert Company baker Heather Roseborough talks Gluten, Cupcakes and Banoffee Pie By Richard Foss If you rated kitchen tasks for their intimidation level, baking would be at the top of the list. Boiling is a cinch, anybod...

The seared ahi tuna salad at Del Frisco’s achieves an excellent balance of seasoning and natural flavor
Photo courtesy of Del Frisco’s Grille

Not just for tourists

Its location is perfect for visitors, but Del Frisco’s Grille has a menu that will keep locals coming back for more By Richard Foss ( Some people take pride in never visiting their own city’s tourist...

Killer Café offers killer views of Marina del Rey harbor
Photo courtesy of Killer Café

Get a Nightlife

Killer Café isn’t your typical late-night diner, but it’s now serving big plates 24/7 By Mike Ryan A singles-only tenant policy at many apartment complexes set the tone the swinging ‘70s in Marina del Rey. Perhaps somewh...

Menu highlights include the mutton chop with English peas, pomegranate molasses and mint chutney
Photo courtesy of Belcampo Meat Co.

Sustainable Steakhouse

Belcampo’s new combination restaurant and butcher shop is a marriage of farm and table By Gillian Ferguson ( If paying $25 for a burger, a shot and a beer sounds unreasonable to you, then happy hour...

The bar at Scopa Italian Roots is one of the restaurant’s main attractions
Photo courtesy of Scopa Italian Roots

Culinary Tradition, Contemporary Flair

Scopa Italian Roots’ adventurous kitchen draws from the best of two worlds By Richard Foss ( The phrase “cultural roots” is often used to denote fidelity to tradition, though it isn’t entirely ap...

The Proud Bird is both a restaurant and a museum

The Proud Bird Soars Again

Closure scare behind it, the aviation-themed restaurant is firing on all cylinders again By Richard Foss ( When I told friends that I was going to The Proud Bird for dinner, every one of them replied wit...

Steve Lanzarotto is still discovering new favorite pasta varietiesw 
Photo by Richard Foss

The Art of Pasta

Sorrento Italian Market import specialist Steve Lanzarotto knows his noodles By Richard Foss ( A century ago, pasta was disdained by middle-class Americans as the food of poor foreigners. But then a move...

The Moo Mì: braised short rib with mortar-pounded chili paste, lime, lemongrass, ginger and chili-mayo sauce served on a French baguette
Photo by Mike Ryan

Imperialism’s Kitchen

The French occupation of Indochina forged what may be the perfect sandwich: the bánh mì By Mike Ryan ( Under the dark imperialist cloud of France’s occupation of Southeast Asia arose a silver-lined sa...

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