Past Stories
Chicago transplants Mike Waszkowski, left, and Manny Aranda create authentic Old World flavors on the West Coast
Photo by Richard Foss

Spilling Smokehouse Secrets

Inside the Los Angeles area’s only authentic Polish sausage factory By Richard Foss ( There’s an old saying that those who like laws and sausage shouldn’t watch either being made. Though the lawmak...

Scopa Italian Roots’mezcal menu reads like a wine list
Photo by  Gillian Ferguson

Mezcal steals the spotlight

Bar-centric restaurants offer an education on the breadth and complexity of tequila’s smoky cousin By Gillian Ferguson ( “Would you like worm salt with that?” The first time I heard this questio...

The trendy-for-a-reason La Reina salad, grilled oysters and a pulled-pork taco
Photo by  Richard Foss

Clutch is clutch

Venice’s new smokehouse truly rises to the occasion By Richard Foss ( Ambiguity in language has its good and bad points — it makes poetry possible, but also confusion. This thought was brought to min...

The rotisserie pork served on cheesy grits and topped with braised greens and a fried egg is a must-order dish
Photo by  Mike Ryan

Status Kuo in a state of flux

Mar Vista is changing — you can tell by the quality of the meat on the rotisserie By Mike Ryan The status quo of Mar Vista has been in a state of flux for years. It’s hard to pinpoint when…

Diners become fast friends during a February secret supper hosted 
at a historic home in Venice
Photo by Richard Foss

A Secret Supper in Venice

Exploring an underground scene where meals come with a side of conversation By Richard Foss ( Some restaurants cultivate the air of a salon or house party, deliberately creating a space reminiscent of an...


Dining Guide for the Westside 2015—Restaurant Listings

AMERICAN Hal’s Bar and Grill Eclectic Hal’s Bar and Grill is a renowned Venice locale offering distinctive American cuisine alongside a lengthy wine and specialty cocktail list with wide appeal. Enjoy signature favorites li...

Don’t overthink the menu at Pepe’s — just order the asada taco platter
Photo by Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

A ploughman’s lunch at Pepe’s

Some strip-mall asada proves that everyday meals can also be great ones By Joe Donnelly Is there anything a cane-sugar Mexican Coke won’t cure? I had one with my meal at Pepe’s Tacos the other day — ...

The crew at Chaya Venice turned out strong for Food Fare
Photo by Michael Aushenker

The drinkable side of Food Fare

The annual Planned Parenthood fundraiser shows guys and girls love a good beer By Kat Thomas As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” And there was nothing happier than&hel...

A classic medium pizza at Compari’s strikes the right balance of sauce, toppings and cheese
photo by Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

Checkered Tablecloth Time Machine

The more things change, the more Compari’s in Westchester has stayed the same By Richard Foss ( This may come as a shock to those who grew up in Los Angeles, but there are places in the world where peo...

The burgers at Brick + Mortar stand out as a delicious deal

A food truck without wheels

With its creative kitchen and a great happy hour, Brick + Mortar should have no trouble staying put By Richard Foss ( I’m generally not a fan of food trucks — I prefer restaurants that stay right whe...

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