Past Stories
Killer Café offers killer views of Marina del Rey harbor
Photo courtesy of Killer Café

Get a Nightlife

Killer Café isn’t your typical late-night diner, but it’s now serving big plates 24/7 By Mike Ryan A singles-only tenant policy at many apartment complexes set the tone the swinging ‘70s in Marina del Rey. Perhaps somewh...

Menu highlights include the mutton chop with English peas, pomegranate molasses and mint chutney
Photo courtesy of Belcampo Meat Co.

Sustainable Steakhouse

Belcampo’s new combination restaurant and butcher shop is a marriage of farm and table By Gillian Ferguson ( If paying $25 for a burger, a shot and a beer sounds unreasonable to you, then happy hour...

The bar at Scopa Italian Roots is one of the restaurant’s main attractions
Photo courtesy of Scopa Italian Roots

Culinary Tradition, Contemporary Flair

Scopa Italian Roots’ adventurous kitchen draws from the best of two worlds By Richard Foss ( The phrase “cultural roots” is often used to denote fidelity to tradition, though it isn’t entirely ap...

The Proud Bird is both a restaurant and a museum

The Proud Bird Soars Again

Closure scare behind it, the aviation-themed restaurant is firing on all cylinders again By Richard Foss ( When I told friends that I was going to The Proud Bird for dinner, every one of them replied wit...

Steve Lanzarotto is still discovering new favorite pasta varietiesw 
Photo by Richard Foss

The Art of Pasta

Sorrento Italian Market import specialist Steve Lanzarotto knows his noodles By Richard Foss ( A century ago, pasta was disdained by middle-class Americans as the food of poor foreigners. But then a move...

The Moo Mì: braised short rib with mortar-pounded chili paste, lime, lemongrass, ginger and chili-mayo sauce served on a French baguette
Photo by Mike Ryan

Imperialism’s Kitchen

The French occupation of Indochina forged what may be the perfect sandwich: the bánh mì By Mike Ryan ( Under the dark imperialist cloud of France’s occupation of Southeast Asia arose a silver-lined sa...

What might look like a dive bar from the outside (and on the inside many nights of the week) is more like a nightclub on Tuesday evenings when classes are in session

Songs by the Glass

Thanks to Karaoke with Kiki, the Prince O’ Whales is an unlikely college hotspot on Tuesday nights By Ellie O’Brian For a college student in West Los Angeles, the Prince O’Whales is a rite of passage. Of all the local&hel...

Thinly sliced beef filet mignon served with a grain mustard dressing and warm mushroom salad

A True Taste of Italy

Casa Ado offers an authentic culinary experience just steps from the beach By Richard Foss ( Most people strolling down Washington Boulevard to the beach probably don’t notice the gargoyles. The leerin...

The Westside’s best fish taco? Could be.
Photo by Tacos Punta Cabras

Three’s a crowd

Tacos Punta Cabras sets the local standard for Mexican seafood with just three menu items: tacos, tostadas and cócteles By Javier Cabral ( Santa Monica may not be the first place you think of when craving...

Chicago transplants Mike Waszkowski, left, and Manny Aranda create authentic Old World flavors on the West Coast
Photo by Richard Foss

Spilling Smokehouse Secrets

Inside the Los Angeles area’s only authentic Polish sausage factory By Richard Foss ( J & T European Gourmet Food 1128 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica (310) 394-7227 There’s an o...

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