Past Stories
ASAP Phorage’s Ashley Clem serves up a restorative bowl of Mary’s Chicken Pho 
and the invigorating vegetarian bahn mi
Photo by Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

My Secret Emergency Pho Fix

ASAP Phorage is a beachside treasure hidden inside a convenience store By Bethney Bonilla ( Perhaps it was my “hangry” alter ego talking or the road-rage I had developed over my last four years in ...

Aussie Pies may look small, but they’re dense with savory filling and completely satisfying

Forget the barbie — try the pie

Aussie Pie Kitchen puts a West Coast spin on a Down Under staple By Richard Foss ( It’s the fate of every cuisine to become caricature. People associate Italians with spaghetti, Germans with sauerkraut...

Argonaut food critic Richard Foss has written a book about the history of meals served in air and space
Photo by David Fairchild courtesy of Richard Foss

The Sky’s the Limit

Richard Foss explores the turbulent history of food in flight By Christianna Reinhardt ( Readers of The Argonaut may recognize his byline from his frequent restaurant reviews and culinary Q+As, bu...

Don Chuy’s serves up seven varieties of tacos for just 99 cents on Tuesdays: 
carne asada, al pastor, carnitas, shredded chicken, shredded beef, beans-only, 
and crispy potato
Photo by Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

Dining with the Don

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Taco Tuesdays By Richard Foss ( I blame my bad attitude about Taco Tuesdays on the bar located a few blocks from my second apartment. It was my natural hangout...

The sturdy rum, rye, vermouth and grapefruit bitters concoction known as the Brooklyn 15 (foreground) 
and a frozen piña colada with Smith and Cross rum 
float and $2 bonus shot 
Photo by Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

Stiff L.A. Drinks, Loose Island Vibe

Sunny Spot’s new craft cocktail menu shines a light on the power of rum By Christianna Reinhardt ( Everything “L.A. Son” and multi-restaurant chef/owner Roy Choi touches turns to gold in thi...

Bin 73 server Cassie Negrete really knows her stuff
Photo by Jorge M. Vargas Jr.

Cassie for President

A delightful experience at Bin 73 earns the upscale snack bar and its helpful server my full support By Richard Foss ( The evaluation of presidential candidates is proceeding at a furious pace, with the ...

Jose Tavares of Me Gusta Mexican Food Specialties lifts 
a pot of fresh tamales at the Del Rey Farmers Market
Photo by Michael Kraxenberger

Tamale Paradise

The tiny, underrated Del Rey Farmers Market at Glen Alla Park offers big flavors and so much more By Jasmin St. Claire I’ve come to Glen Alla Park to find out if a tamale can change my life. A friend…

Bite of the Beast dinners blend contemporary flair with an old-world culinary zeitgeist

‘Bite of the Beast’

Locanda del Lago chef Gianfranco Minuz revives the lost American tradition of whole-animal cooking By Richard Foss ( Read any cookbook from a century ago and you’ll find tasks that are alien to modern ...

Abbot Kinney’s French Market Café transports diners to the south of France

No Subplot Required

The French Market Café is ideal for a romantic rendezvous … or a modestly priced light lunch By Richard Foss ( There’s a certain Internet site that asks people to rate the suitability of restaurants...

The Bentley Roll: spicy tuna, avocado, seared salmon, sesame dressing 
and sweet sauce

Sweet Fish is pretty sweet

Playa Vista’s neighborhood sushi bar gets high marks for quality, quantity and ambiance By Richard Foss ( One of the iniquities of mining towns of the American West was the company store — the sole s...

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