Past Stories
Junior sailors practice on the eve of “A Gathering of the Eagles”

Fueling Olympic Ambitions

California Yacht Club fundraises toward an American comeback story at the 2016 Summer Games By Pat Reynolds An athlete’s journey to compete in the Olympics is a long and arduous one. Lately, it’s also been a bit of a dead&h...

The Emerald takes a crew of military veterans on a voyage into Santa Monica Bay. The Challenges Foundation is unable to resume its therapy efforts until they can find a new place to dock the vintage sailboat.
Photo by Pat Reynolds

Sailing Therapy Program for Veterans Encounters Rough Waters

Marina del Rey’s the Challenges Foundation suspends operations as organizers look for a new place to dock By Pat Reynolds It is a powerful thing to be out on the open water with men who have returned from war broken…

Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club member Norm Peron gets into the samba groove
Photo by Pat Reynolds

Nautical News: Marina del Rey Opening Day 2015

By Pat Reynolds The 2015 boating season is officially upon us, even if last year’s never really ended. Last weekend members of each of the six major Marina del Rey yacht clubs donned their blue blazers and white trousers on&h...

As seen last week, a migrating gray whale dives beneath the surface of Santa Monica Bay
Photo by Pat Reynolds

Whale-watchers delight

Gray whale sightings are happening in record numbers just off the L.A. coastline By Pat Reynolds There’s little I enjoy more than climbing into my boat and venturing off into the Santa Monica Bay to photograph wildlife. As I ...

Plans to end a public anchorage in Marina del Rey put boater Hans Etter on high alert
Photo by Pat Reynolds

Anchorage away

Coast Guard to remove boat ‘parking lot’ from middle of Marina del Rey harbor By Pat Reynolds Back in June, Marina del Rey boater Hans Etter created a Facebook page called Save Our Public Anchorage in response to hearing th...

Capt. Chris Wade leads a dangerous mission to help fish, sharks and the planet

Like ‘Jaws,’ only different

SharkBoat Capt. Chris Wade heads from Marina del Rey to Costa Rica on a mission to combat pirate fishing When I walked into the main salon of the aging 73-foot steel research vessel parked at the fuel dock in Marina…

Mariners Village’s idyllic coastline could be in for some big changes if redevelopment plans go forward
Photo by Pat Reynolds

The trouble with Mariners Village

Redevelopment plans would increase public recreational access to Marina del Rey but also displace seabirds and forever alter a unique harbor landscape By Pat Reynolds When I take friends out sailing, on our way out to the ocean...

County officials are proposing an $8-million project to relocate the public boat launch on Fiji Way, drawing the ire of boaters Photo by Pat Reynolds

Rough waters ahead for boat launch relocation plan

Boaters, residents expected to speak out Wednesday on controversial Marina del Rey redevelopment proposal By Pat Reynolds Through the years I’ve seen some pretty testy local meetings happen in Marina del Rey. Pleading, scoffi...

Racers compete in the 2006 Regatta for Hope aboard a Martin 243

Collaboration bolsters Regatta for Hope

By Pat Reynolds Also this weekend, the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club and the Del Rey Yacht Club have teamed up to help raise money for City of Hope, the prominent Southern California cancer research and treatment center....


Local boater sets a course for Washington

Brent Roske, who lives on an uncommon boat in Marina del Rey harbor, is running an unconventional campaign for Congress By Pat Reynolds As I make my way along the sidewalk with the boats of Marina del Rey’s D Basin…

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