Past Stories

Ballona Institute Appeals Marina Hotel Project

A Playa del Rey environmental group has appealed the L.A. County Regional Planning Commission’s unanimous July 22 decision to approve a new hotel complex in Marina del Rey, claiming the project received a “haphazard environ...

A Great Blue Heron convention in the Ballona Wetlands 
Photo by Jonathan Coffin

Where the Wild Things Are

Natural open spaces are ours to lose when we fail to pay attention By William Hicks The Ballona Wetlands in Playa del Rey is the last remaining coastal wetland in Los Angeles. The United States has lost about half of…

Judith Lewis Mernit revels in the astonishing existence of the Ballona Wetlands in Playa del Rey
Photo by Hank Cherry

Into the Wild

Judith Lewis Mernit brings the environment home By Joe Donnelly In the southwestern corner of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, adjacent to Playa del Rey’s Titmouse Park, there is an almost perfectly oval, sandy interr...

Karina Johnston leads the Bay Foundation’s scientific assessment and monitoring program for the Ballona Wetlands and other watershed areas

Interview: A Crucial Moment for Wetlands

The Bay Foundation’s Karina Johnston on the health of L.A.’s watershed and what we can do about it The Southern California Academy of Sciences Board of Directors is about the get a very hands-on new member. As director of w...

Photo by Patrick Tyrell

Back from the brink

Human efforts have given several threatened or endangered species a fighting chance in the Ballona Wetlands El Segundo Blue Butterfly A federally designated endangered species, the El Segundo Blue Butterfly population in the Ba...

State officials now say it could be the middle of 
next year before they release their Ballona Wetlands restoration plans
Photo by Lisa Fimiani

After Annenberg departure, more waiting

Plans for restoring the Ballona Wetlands are delayed once again with loss of funding for nature center By Gary Walker How last Tuesday’s announcement that the Annenberg Foundation has discontinued its campaign to build a $50-...

Annenberg suspends $50-million Ballona involvement

Controversial plans to build a 46,000-square-foot environmental education center in the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve have apparently been shelved, with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife announcing late Tuesd...

A female El Segundo Blue deposits her eggs in the flowers of a buckwheat plant. Photo by Patrick Tyrell

Endangered species flutters against the odds

Despite drought-related setbacks, habitat restoration work has the tiny El Segundo Blue Butterfly bouncing back in the Ballona Wetlands By Gary Walker The restoration of the Ballona Wetlands may be mired in seemingly endless de...

Remnants of a Ballona Wetlands encampment west of Lincoln Boulevard and south of Fiji Way, as photographed on Nov. 19. Photo by Jonathan Coffin

Police target Ballona Wetlands bike theft ring

Sweep turns up four guns and leads to multiple arrests, but Sheriff’s Dept. says more work and resources are needed By Gary Walker                           &nb...

Scientists and officials explore the Ballona Wetlands Overlook in Westchester

Climate change a factor in Ballona restoration effort

A visit by the EPA focuses on how wetlands can help reverse global warming By Gary Walker                   With state officials saying they may need another six months or more to dr...

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