Past Stories

Allen, Burke, Kuehl and Lieu claim victory

Allen, Burke, Kuehl and Lieu claim victory Santa Monica voters reject airport protection measure, elect three to city council Sheila Kuehl and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa celebrate her victory in the Los An...

Group targets justices for scrapping ballot measure

Ted Lieu’s Proposition 49 would have put Citizens United in Californians’ crosshairs By Gary Walker Voters have six statewide ballot propositions to choose from on Nov. 4. They would have seven if it were up to Westside sta...


The sky’s the limit

Turning the metallic bones of retired aircraft into high-concept ‘airplane furniture’ has made an uncommon success story of El Segundo’s Moto Art Story and photos by Pat Reynolds Under the LAX flight path, a warehouse wo...

Sarah Jakle battled back from bipolar disorder to become a mental health advocate. Photo by Ted Soqui

Stopping the madness

A paradigm shift in public health policy works to reverse decades of indifference and create new opportunities for the mentally ill to find treatment By John Conroy The epiphany that would save Sarah Jakle’s life began with a...


Stop and scan

Using technology pioneered by the military, local law enforcement agencies are gearing up to collect iris scans and other biometric data during traffic stops and other encounters By Ali Winston, The Center for Investigative Rep...

Ted Grose and Autumn Burke

Assembly race sees a partisan divide

Republican Ted Grose and Democrat Autumn Burke have worked in real estate and emphasize support for small businesses, but that’s where the similarities end Unlike other Westside contests this election cycle, the race for the ...

Elan Carr and Ted Lieu

Filling Waxman’s shoes

Filling Waxman’s shoes State Sen. Ted Lieu and prosecutor Elan Carr talk global warming and immigration reform as they seek to replace Rep. Henry Waxman in the nation’s least-popular political body On Nov. 4, Westside voter...

Sheila Kuehl and Bobby Shriver

For this job, it’s all about the résumé

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors hopefuls Sheila Kuehl and Bobby Shriver want voters to judge them on their political experience For the first time in 20 years, voters in Venice and Santa Monica will help choose a new re...

School board member Ben Allen and attorney Sandra Fluke

A young person’s game

School board member Ben Allen and attorney Sandra Fluke, both in their 30s, vie for a hotly contested state Senate seat For a glimpse into the future of the local Democratic Party, look no further than the Westside state Senate...

Michael C. Ford, who recently recorded a spoken-word album backed by surviving members of The Doors, sees language 
in a unique way
Photo by Jill Jarrett

‘Look Each Other in the Ears’

Westside language artist Michael C. Ford still strives to perfect his craft, whichever medium it takes By Bliss Bowen There are writers, and then there are artists whose medium is language in all its kaleidoscopic nuance and r... | baby trend expedition elx | tour petersburg