Past Stories
Some 2,500 inflatable art spheres, many of them painted by Westside kids, will populate MacArthur Park Lake throughout September

Spheres of Hope

Westside artists and schoolchildren bring color, optimism and collaborative public art to MacArthur Park Lake Story and Photo by Christina Campodonico If you happen to be driving along Wilshire Boulevard and think you’re seei...

Dave Childs, Steve Housden, Jack Skelley and Rick Lawndale back 
in the punk rock 1980s

Straight Outta Lawndale

Punky surf rockers represent for the ‘burbs at Liquid Kitty’s Punk Rock BBQ By Michael Aushenker After Black Flag members Greg Ginn and Chuck Dukowski took punk’s DIY ethos further than other bands and formed their own di...

P.S. Arts board member Lisa Kudrow
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Thinkstock

Taste of Venice benefits P.S. Arts

One of the more delicious ways to support arts education opportunities for local kids, the annual Taste of Venice fundraiser returns this Sunday with more than 28 local restaurants on the menu. Restaurants coming to the table t...


‘The Orpheus Clock’

Diesel Bookstore celebrates Simon Goodman’s absorbing memoir of tracking down a massive collection of family artworks looted during the Holocaust By Bliss Bowen When Simon Goodman and his brother Nick received corrugated con...

Artist Bobbie Rich at The Upper West

Art for the Soul at The Upper West

What happens when soul music, soul food and soulmates combine for a good cause in Santa Monica? A “Soul Revolution,” according to Resonate Church artist-in-residence Bobbie Rich. If you’ve noticed the giant pair of neon g...

Neal Brennan plans to push the boundaries of stand-up comedy with an experimental three-mic performance next month

His Funny Runs Deep

Neal Brennan puts his ego on the line each Sunday for his residency showcase By Tyler Davidson Neal Brennan is well-traveled in the world of comedy. Among dozens of other acting and writing projects, Brennan co-created the pop ...

Los Lonely Boys: Brothers Henry, Jojo and Ringo Garza

Family Tradition

Los Lonely Boys play a free show on Saturday in Marina del Rey By Bliss Bowen They’ve been playing long enough that they’re already veterans, yet the pride of San Angelo, Texas — Los Lonely Boys — have a long…


‘From Birth to Birth’ at Le Cellier

Writer/teacher Francine Ringold spreads the wisdom in Marina del Rey Francine Ringold can do it all, or so it seems. She not only taught at the University of Tulsa for 47 years, but she also published award-winning poetry coll...

Paul & Ringo, 2009
Photo by Rob Shanahan

Ringo’s Shadow

Rock photographer Rob Shanahan shoots for the stars in Marina del Rey By Joe Piasecki Rock ’n’ roll dreams can come true. Just ask Rob Shanahan. In 1988, Shanahan arrived in Venice with a camera and a drum kit. “I…

Self-portrait of a migrant 
by Enrique Gijon

The Other Side of the Border Story

SPARC exhibit explores the emotional and cultural voids that immigration leaves behind By Michael Reyes In the United States, immigration stories are often about the arrival of strangers. On the other side of the border, these ...

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