Past Stories
Photo by Ryan Schude

Schude awakening

Photographer’s quirky but carefully constructed images of warped Americana go from cyberspace to gallery wall By Michael Aushenker Ryan Schude doesn’t just photograph American life, he turns it on its ear. A sun-bathed orgy...

The Insect Surfers — from left, guitarist Michael Abraham, bassist Jonpaul Balak, drummer 
Jeff Utterback and founder/guitarist Dave Arnson — performed at the International Surfing Museum last year after returning from a European tour
Photo by Ted Banks

A bugged-out live show

The timeless Insect Surfers help Time Warp Music celebrate a decade in Mar Vista By Michael Aushenker What better way to celebrate a decade of success in the Westside music business than with a free concert by the men who…

Venice Oceanarium Director Tim Rudnick revives Venice Beach’s annual “Moby Dick” reading once again
Photo courtesy of Joe Stanford

A whale of a tale, read as a group

It’s a challenge fit for Captain Ahab himself: 30 hours reading some 135 chapters of Herman Melville’s “Moby-Dick; or, The Whale,” as the 1851 novel was officially titled. It’s also become an annual Venice beach tradi...

The Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra returns to the stage on Sunday

A doctor in the house? Try 55!

Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra launches its 61st season on Sunday in the heart of Culver City. Founded in 1953 by Dr. Reuben Strauss with 35 doctors, dentists, veterinarians, nurses and allied health care professionals,...


From Abbot Kinney Fest to Fame

Before Capital Cities topped the U.S. alternative rock charts and hit No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 with the trumpet blasts of their ubiquitous KROQ hit “Safe and Sound,” they played the Abbot Kinney Festival. “The Abbot...


UCLA all the way at Sports Harbor

If you plan to dress in blue and gold on Saturday, you’ll fit right in at Sports Harbor Bar & Restaurant in Marina del Rey. Bar owner Rahim Javan, a former UCLA All-American wrestler, will most definitely be backing the&h...

Henry Jaglom and Tanna Frederick fool around outside the Edgemar between rehearsals for “Train to Zakopané”
Photo by Frank Capri

True Love Story

Polarizing filmmaker Henry Jaglom juggles compassion and intolerance in a new play for Santa Monica’s Edgemar Center for the Arts By Michael Aushenker Wearing his signature hat and scarf like protective armor despite the warm...


Bring the kids, ‘Stay’ for the grown-up songs

Singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb heads to McCabe’s for a family-friendly set aimed to please both fan bases By Michael Aushenker Lisa Loeb looks forward to Sunday’s return engagement to McCabe’s Guitar Shop. “It’s an intim...

The Dragon Bamboo Slide was a popular attraction on the Venice Pier in the 1920s
Photo courtesy of Todd von Hoffmann

Dinner with a side of history

Hama Sushi commemorates its 35th anniversary with a party celebrating Venice’s storied past By Michael Aushenker “Rebel Without a Cause” opens with James Dean collapsing in front of Beyond Baroque. “At the time it was c...

The Witch (Elizabeth Bouton) imposes her will upon the baker (Terry Delegeane) and his wife (Amy Coles) in the Kentwood Players’ “Into the Woods”

Westside theater roundup

  “Into the Woods” at Westchester Playhouse Everyone’s suddenly into “Into the Woods.” Since debuting on Broadway in 1987, the Stephen Sondheim musical has been revived repeatedly, this year alone in San Francisc...

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