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Posted August 10, 2016 by The Argonaut in This Week

Music video made with wearable fitness technology debuts in Venice

By Christina Campodonico

Biodata recorded by a Microsoft Band helped to create Broods’ “Heartlines” video Photo by Mekael Dawson

Biodata recorded by a Microsoft Band helped to create Broods’ “Heartlines” video
Photo by Mekael Dawson

“Couldn’t believe my eyes, couldn’t believe my ears,” Georgia Nott, the frontwoman of electropop band Broods, sings on their single “Couldn’t Believe.”

It’s a fitting anthem for the New Zealand duo’s collaboration with Microsoft Band on their stunning new music video “Heartlines,” which was unveiled July 27 at an invitation-only event at the Microsoft Lounge on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

In the video, translucent diamonds and triangles hover over Nott’s chest, while shimmering pink lines run over her veins as she sings about a long distance relationship gone south and the ensuing heartache.

“Two lovers break up. The unfinished business gets shown through each other,” said Nott, who co-wrote “Heartlines” with her brother and bandmate Caleb and a friend of theirs you may have heard of — international pop sensation Lorde.

During the shooting of the “Heartlines” music video, the Microsoft Band activity tracker captured Nott’s biodata (her heart rate and movement) which was then translated into visuals for the video.

“The Music x Technology program that this collaboration is a part of is all about using Microsoft technology to push the boundaries of the music experience,” said Steve Milton, founding partner of the music branding firm Listen.

At the event, Broods also sang songs off their new album “Conscious,” including an acoustic version of their hit song “Free,” while colorful geometric shapes and patterns — again harvested from Nott’s biodata — pulsed, faded and unfolded on a screen in the background during their set.

The band is taking this eye-catching technology on tour with them this month.


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