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Election Anxiety in Marina del Rey
Re: “A Three-Way Race for Supervisor,” News, May 12

No one who cares about the environment or the right of residents and visitors to recreation in Marina del Rey will vote for Napolitano. We’ve heard him at too many meetings. He will follow in Knabe’s footsteps.

Long-term leases are coming to an end without the leaseholders having been required to maintain their buildings. Now the very same leaseholders are being allowed to go from three stories to seven, blocking views and access to the water, and even dealing away a park on Marquesas Way that had been funded for residents and visitors.

Napolitano doesn’t care about residents even though we pay high property tax, maintain our buildings and support local business all week long. Nor does he care about small craft, the lovely sailboats that give the Marina its character — just put ‘em in a huge storage garage and charge ‘em, and make  ‘em wait 40 minutes to get in and out!

I was planning to vote for Janice Hahn, but if she thinks more water taxis will solve traffic problems here — with all the residents who head to work along Ocean, Admiralty, Lincoln and Washington (not to mention Via Marina, with all those new apartment dwellers in Shores, Bar Harbor and Neptune) — she is not well informed.

I liked Pacheco’s answers about traffic, residents, boat slip fees and the Ballona Wetlands. Maybe we could count on him not to back another seven-story building along Via Marina in the heart of a residential district.

Residential districts have been respected in other parts of the city; why not Marina del Rey? The answer, of course, is the county budget. But Marina del Rey provides enough of its income already.

Lynne Shapiro
Marina del Rey

Take a Second Look at Iceplant

Re: “Hope and Frogs in Playa Vista,” Letters, May 5

Letter writer David W. Kay calls iceplant a “cancer” that should be removed, even at the expense of little frogs. That makes me sad. Iceplant is a beautiful, verdant ground covering that is drought resistant. In addition, its roots hold the soil, preventing erosion in wet weather. Its yellow, pink and purple flowers are magnificent.

Why should iceplant suffer the derogatory approbation of “cancer”? That just ain’t right. Some say it is an invasive species.  Well, guess what: Every species of plant living here was at one time an invasive species. Plant and animal species recede and move into other territories as climate and ground conditions change.

We are a nation of invasive species, and we should celebrate and tolerate our differences. Those who want to tear out or bake out the beautiful iceplant should take a second look and see if they can enjoy the beauty of one of nature’s miracles before their eyes.

Bruce Joffe
Marina del Rey


Re: “Westchester is up Bowlero’s Alley,” News, April 28

My hope is that Bowlero will regret its decision to deprive neighborhoods of people who have served them well in popular restaurants. I’m sure there are plenty who don’t care who gets kicked out (typical Westside bullying), but many of us remember — and boycott. Renovations could have been accomplished without removing KJ’s.

Jan Gonder

One Comment


    I am not so sure about Steve Napolitano being elected as a Los Angeles County
    Board of Supervisor member.

    I received a flyer in the mail paid for by Steve Napolitano for Supervisor 2016.
    It was all about bashing Janice Hahn, regarding Pay, Perks and Pension.


    In the flyer it mentions:
    1) Pay: “By the end of Janice Hahn’s term on the the Los Angeles City Council
    were paid an annual salary of $178,792…the highest paid members in the nation.

    2) Perks: “Each LA City Council member got a free car, maintenance, and gas
    costing $6,000-$15,000 annually; each gets a petty cash fund of $5,000 and each
    receives a dubious $100,000 yearly taxpayer-financed slush fund…Added up L.A’s
    Council members grt by on about $300,000 a year. Rougdly another $1.3 million
    annually – per council district – pays for each of their personal staffs of
    16-32 people, up to eight more free cars and more free gasoline.

    3) Pension: Janice Hahn double-dipped by collecting thousands in Los Angeles
    city pensions while in Congress. If elected Supervisor, she’ll be eligible
    forTHREE separete pensions and lifrtimr gold-plated health care paid for by
    taxpayers. Now she plans to leave her current job JUST IN TIME TO COLLECT A

    We can’t afford Janice Hahn as LA County Supervisor. We’re working for her.
    She’s supposed to be working for us.

    On the front cover page it states: “Congresswoman Janice Hahn has turned public
    service into her private piggy bank. AMONG THE HIGHEST PAID POLITICIAN IN THE

    On the back cover page it states: “The system is rigged. Congressional
    research found that family connections are more prevalent in elected office then
    in almost every other profession, including doctors, lawyers, plumbers and
    electricians. The political establishment has turned our government into a
    family run business.

    Janice Hahn has turned family connections and political contacts into a rigged
    system that pays her record level salaries, taxpayer-funded cars, free gas, and
    multiple government pensions.

    FOR US.


    So, Please let me repeat myself: Based on the points reveled in this flyer
    regarding Ms. Hahn’s salary, I am not so sure that Steve Napolitano has made a
    strong case that he is more qualified to be elected as a Los Angeles County
    Board of Supervisor than Janice Hahn. Everything he (or his writers) have
    written regarding Janice Hahn and what he (they) think that Janice Hahn has done
    wrong is not founded. Well, I frankly do not see that she has done any wrong as
    pointed out in this flyer. So, is anyone not supposed to vote for her based on
    these stayments of facts??? If this is so wrong, why is it that she has not
    been held accountable for any of these actions? Ms. Hahn recieved remumerations
    for services rendered. Just like the rest of her piers. Were they not
    entiteled to what what they recieved? If not, then his fight is with the system
    and not with her or them if they were paid too much.
    Now if Mr. Napolitano wants to get my vote (or the vote of anyone) based on
    these facts. I would think that he would give the voters a few facts about
    himself that may qualify him for the possition. But no he decided not to do
    that. However, he is Knabe’s field deputy (Steve Napolitano). So, is he
    turning political power into personal gain? Or are, family connections (as
    Knabe’s field deputy) are more prevalent in elected office than in almost every
    other profession. This is what his flyer quoted as to what is required.

    We can not afford Steve Napolitano as a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor
    be cause he has not given us any reason to belive that he is qualified for the
    position. And to try to point out that Janice Hahn was payed to do her job is
    not enough to disqualify her and validate you instead.

    I would think that Mr. Napolitano would have given the voters facts relevent to
    his qualifactions to be elected to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.
    Furthermore, for such a strong bashing extended to Ms. Hahn, (for which I do
    not see what she has done wrong), why is he running for office. Should he not
    be fighting the system and not joining it!

    (I tried to get a telephone number for Mr. Napolitano’s office to complain
    regarding this disturbing flyer that was mailed to me but was unable to get a
    phone number.)

    Edris Raymond Aubry, Jr.

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