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It’s Not Money for Bulldozers

Re: “More Money for Beaches and Wetlands,” News, June 16

Rep. Ted Lieu’s National Park Service study bill was meant to more strongly protect our natural resources and provide some funds for historical site designation and interpretation. Also to provide more public access to historic and natural areas in Marina del Rey, Venice, Baldwin Hills and Ballona Wetlands areas down to San Pedro.

It was NOT meant to be used by Bay Foundation for any of their deceptive boondoggle projects that absolutely were NOT designed with nature in mind. Their plans involve heavy bulldozing, not TRUE gentle restoration. Please do NOT confuse the two.

Linking Rep. Lieu’s National Park Service study bill to those efforts is not feasible, right, appropriate, or helpful to nature. Also, please note that the Ballona Wetlands Ecological reserve is 600 acres, not the 360 indicated in your article.

A correction would be in order, in my opinion, as to create incorrect impressions and expectations in the minds of your readers does a disservice to voters’ confidence in government as well as the field of journalism.

Ann Doneen
President, Malibu Democratic Club

Editor’s Note: The stated total area of the Ballona Wetlands has been corrected in the online version of
the story, and we did not intend to suggest how any federal funding would be allocated.

Work with Nature for Recovery

Re: “More Money for Beaches and Wetlands,” News, June 16

Congressman Ted Lieu’s brilliant plan to bring the Ballona Wetlands under the wing of National Park Service resources is not a recipe for funding industrial tactics to decimate these precious, hard-won 600 acres.

A review of wetlands restoration shows that a slower process based on working with nature is far more effective than fast, overwhelming mechanical “restoration.”

A sustainable vision is one that is in concert with the evolving natural recovery now taking place every day at the life-filled Ballona Wetlands.

Susan Suntree
Santa Monica


Re: “Waterside Trader Joe’s Clears Another Hurdle,” News, June 16

Marina del Rey needs more high-end restaurants to compete with Venice and Santa Monica, and a Trader Joe’s for boaters and residents is a great idea. The existing structures and parking lot are hideous. I can’t wait for them to be put to good use!

S. Spiegel

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    Dr. David Kay

    The Ballona Do-Nothings are at it again. They oppose removing 15 feet of dredge spoil from the 200 acres of former wetland south of Fiji Ave. buried by the Marina’s construction. They oppose recontouring the land so the ocean tides can nourish planted wetland vegetation, replacing the acres and acres of invasive weeds there today. Just like Tea Partiers, they propose to replace any proven, tried and true restoration plan validated by learned professionals with an incoherent fruit salad of Nothing. Like Birthers, their manufactured fables of government conspiracy are intended to confuse and create fear. The Coastal Commission properly threw them out of proceedings for the now successful Malibu Lagoon and Oxford Basin restorations, and will do so for Ballona. We’ll all benefit from the restored tidal wetlands and public access that the coming Ballona restoration brings. These “Save All of Ballona” extremists only want to take us backward, like Mr. Trump, condemning a once vibrant, flourishing tidal marsh to an eternity of suffocating death. We and our political leaders must together seize ever opportunity to oppose these frauds with extreme prejudice.

    David Kay
    Playa Vista

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