As part of the planned festivities marking the 100th anniversary of the Santa Monica Pier, 100 people who danced in the original La Monica Ballroom will hit the dance floor once again on the pier at a recreated ballroom from 7 to 10 p.m. Thursday, July 23rd.

The La Monica Ballroom, a palatial-like structure, was built in 1924 on the Santa Monica Pier but finally buckled with age in 1962.

Now 85 years later, and in celebration of the Santa Monica Pier’s Centennial Anniversary, the La Monica Ballroom Redux will come to life again as the original experience of the La Monica Ballroom will be revived, with sets, a dance floor and a historic ballroom entrance.

Among the throngs of people expected to “walk” through and dance to the music of Johnny Vana & The Big Band Alumni, followed by swing dancing to the music of famed Squirrel Nut Zippers, are 100 “alumni” — those who actually danced in the La Monica Ballroom, in the many decades that followed its grand opening.

Dancers of the former pier ballroom are encouraged to take another turn around the newly built dance floor that will resemble the original 40,000 square foot ballroom in style, if not in size.

Throughout its years, the La Monica Ballroom was a magnet for celebrities and television shows, among them Spade Cooley, the self-proclaimed, “King of Western Swing” who established a home in the ballroom in 1948, broadcasting his weekly TV program from the ballroom. It was the first time that a musical TV show was ever televised live. Stan Chambers, longtime news anchor, Dick Lane of KTLA, and Desi Arnaz and his orchestra are among those who appeared at the dance facility.

Those who wish to relive their time on the dance floor of the original La Monica Ballroom and once again take a turn on the dance floor on the night of July 23rd, can contact (310) 458-8900.