The exhibition “Snow in the Summer: Cien” at the Chiquele Studios in Venice Saturday, August 2nd, involved 100 artists exhibiting 100 pieces priced at $100 each, with a percentage of the proceeds donated to the Pico Youth and Family Center in Santa Monica, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending youth violence in the local community.

In addition, the event included special performances by Chicano Secret Service, a satirical sketch comedy group.

Snow in the Summer: Cien brought together artists from all walks of life and from various communities around California. Art works covered themes of juxtaposition, illusion and identity, and demonstrated a variety of genres and mediums ranging from painting and photography, to sculpture, multi media and craft works, a studio spokesperson said.

Over the past three years Chiquele studios has operated as a community studio space where artists work and exhibit under the same roof, the spokesperson said.

In February, Chiquele studios held a book drive to benefit the Youth Justice Coalition, collecting hundreds of books for youths in juvenile hall.

Chiquele acts as a permanent location for head coordinator Juan Carlos Mu“oz Hern·ndez’s work in sculpture and painting. He says his work explores visual abstraction and urban formalities. Recent works by the artist take the paint out of graffiti by transforming the visual representation of two-dimensional graffiti writing into three-dimensional silver and bronze sculptures, according to the studio spokesperson.