Santa Monica city officials and Public Works Department representatives marked the completion March 26th of the Colorado Ocean Relief Sewer Project, an $11 million project to upgrade one of the cityís primary sewer mains.

The original 1950s-era sewer line under Colorado Avenue, which was damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, handled more than two-thirds of the cityís wastewater output.

After the relief system was completed, the original sewer main was repaired and serves as a back-up for the new system, public works officials said.

The project has helped increase the capacity of the sewer system to accommodate current and anticipated future flows and provides an additional redundant line for maintenance and emergencies, public works officials said.

The relief project was designed and completed by city staff, Black and Veatch, Steve Bubalo Construction Co. and Tetra Tech, Inc. Funding was provided by wastewater funds and a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.