The Los Angeles City Council 11th District is getting several new left-turn traffic signals as part of the “Right to Turn Left” initiative, a traffic relief and safety measure that will add 100 new left-turn arrows at the most congested intersections throughout the city, including some in the local area.

“Every commuter in this city has a fundamental right to turn left,” Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said. “Logjams created by intersections without

left-turn signals are responsible for some of the worst gridlock in the city.

“These 100 new left-turn signals will improve the commutes of thousands of Angelenos every single day.”

Among the intersections in the 11th Council District to receive new left-turn arrows are:

ß Centinela Avenue and Venice Boulevard, Mar Vista;

ß La Tijera and Sepulveda Boulevards, Westchester; and

ß Sepulveda Boulevard and Westchester Parkway, Westchester.

Developed to improve traffic flow, increase safety and decrease travel times for drivers throughout the city, the “Right to Turn Left” initiative, the city Department of Transportation will design, build, install and activate 100 left-turn signal arrows at some of the city’s most congested and bottlenecked intersections.

Villaraigosa said he has made traffic congestion relief a top budgetary priority.

The “Right to Turn Left” effort will cost approximately $3 million and will be supported by funds appropriated in the fiscal year 2007-08 budget.

City workers are scheduled to begin the effort January 2nd and finish by June 30th.

The initiative comes on the heels of the completion of the

“30-30 Initiative,” which led to the installation and activation of 30 left-turn signal arrows in 30 business days across the city.

Through both the 30-30 initiative and the “Right to Turn Left” program, Department of Transportation engineers estimate that the additional left-turn arrows will reduce car accidents by up to 66 percent and cut excessive wait times in left-turn pockets.