WISE & Healthy Aging in Santa Monica, in partnership with the City of Hope, is conducting a pilot study called the “Mindful Movement Program for Breast Cancer Survivors” and is seeking survivors of the disease for a 12-week program beginning Monday, October 6th.

Funded by the California Breast Cancer Research Program, the Community Research Collaborative Pilot Study, known as the Mindful Movement Program, is designed to enhance self- awareness through simple body movement at the participant’s own pace and ability, said Holly Kiger, WISE vice president of clinical programs.

“The study’s purpose is to assess whether this new innovative program can improve the quality of life and emotional well-being of older breast cancer survivors,” said Kiger.

Studies show that many breast cancer survivors experience lingering anxiety, depression and pain, as well as altered feelings about their body and fears that cancer will return. Research on the potential benefits of mindfulness and movement-dance therapy is limited, which sparked the project, Kiger noted.

WISE & Healthy Aging initiated the project to address the needs observed by Kiger, said Grace Cheng Braun, WISE president and chief executive officer.

“Given the population that we serve at WISE & Healthy Aging, this study is enabling us to reach out to our community in a unique and meaningful way,” Cheng Braun said.

The organization hopes to enroll 25 women in the first series of weekly two-hour sessions, which begin October 6th. The series will be offered again next year in February and June.

Enrollees must be breast cancer survivors age 50 or older without metastatic disease who completed their treatment at least 12 months ago. Participants must be able to read and write English.

To enroll or for more information, (310) 394-9871 ext. 371.