Fourteen Santa Monica College (SMC) students have been named 2005-06 Student Athletes of the Year.

The awards will be presented at the annual awards breakfast sponsored by the SMC General Advisory Board, a community support group, at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, May 18th, in the SMC Pavilion, 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica.

In addition, the college will honor Lauren Domogala, a member of the SMC cheer squad, whose coach is Susan Corpus.

The students, selected by coaches, are honored for their academic and athletic achievements.

The honorees in each sport, and their coaches, are:

– Men’s basketball: Aaron Harris (Trevor Shickman, coach);

– Women’s swimming: Stacey Resnick (Steve Contarsy, coach);

– Men’s swimming: John Baltz (Contarsy, coach);

– Women’s track and field: Zora Golcevska (Eric Barron, coach):

– Men’s track and field: Robert Collins (Larry Silva, coach);

– Women’s volleyball: Brianne Goudey (Wendy Maxwell, coach);

– Men’s volleyball: Clay Timmons (Mark Lee, coach);

– Football: Kevin Folly-Kossi (Robert Taylor, coach);

– Women’s cross-country: Esther Guillen (Barron, coach);

– Men’s cross-country: Michael Pinto (Silva, coach);

– Women’s soccer: Sarah Erlanson (Aaron Benditson, coach);

– Women’s water polo: Lysandra Carter-Aaron (Contarsy, coach);

– Men’s water polo: Saman Morim (Erik Matheson, coach); and

– Women’s tennis: Estela Vicky Morales (Richard Goldenson, coach).