A 19-year-old British woman who was reported missing during her visit to Santa Monica was located by police in Venice late last month.

Leona Dawn Perryman, who had last been seen in Santa Monica shortly before midnight December 18th, was found at about 1:40 p.m. December 31st in the area of 30th Street and Ocean Front Walk in Venice, Santa Monica police Sgt. Jay Trisler said.

Police spotted Perryman after receiving a tip from a community member and confirmed her identity through her passport, Trisler said. Perryman came to the U.S. on vacation with her boyfriend, Paul Atkinson, in mid-October, police said.

Atkinson, who first reported Perryman missing, was initially identified as a person of interest in her disappearance and was arrested by police in Venice on an unrelated charge of possession of a weapon, Trisler said. Police later determined that Atkinson was not connected with his girlfriend’s disappearance.

While officers were contacting Perryman in Venice December 31st, the police department was informed by the Dorset Police Department in England that Perryman had told her mother that she was in Venice and was okay, Trisler said.

Perryman told police that she had been staying with an acquaintance in Venice after leaving her motel in Santa Monica two weeks earlier. She did not know that police were looking for her until talking with her mother the day she was located, Trisler said.