The Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau (SMCVB), in partnership with Striker Media Group, has released the 2008 Official Santa Monica Visitors Map.

The new map was developed by the Convention & Visitors Bureau and Striker as a companion piece to the 2008 Official Visitors Guide for tourists to navigate their way around Santa Monica.

“Part of branding Santa Monica as the ‘best way to discover L.A.’ is to help tourists in the most efficient and sensible way possible,” said Convention & Visitors Bureau president and chief executive officer Misti Kerns. “Our responsibility at SMCVB is to have up-to-date, informative materials on hand like the 2008 Official Visitors Map, which assists tourists in experiencing L.A. through its most impressive portal, Santa Monica.”

The new map features helpful options for getting around Santa Monica, including the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, calling attention to its commitment to fuel efficiency with natural gas-powered buses. One of the bus lines connects visitors to key points of interest in downtown Santa Monica.

A toll-free number for taxi service can be found at the bottom of the map for reservations.

The map also includes a listing of Santa Monica hotels, motels and lodgings, as well as each of the Santa Monica shopping districts.

“This print of the 2008 Santa Monica Official Visitors map is the best and most pleasing to look at of any to date,” said Lyndell Gooch, publisher of Striker Media Group. “The logos distributed throughout the grid of Santa Monica highlight the map’s ultimate purpose of being functional.”

To reduce the environmental footprint, the 2008 Santa Monica Visitors Map, Art Trek and Design District Maps can be viewed at

Copies of the Official Santa Monica Visitors Map are available at all Santa Monica visitor service locations and can be mailed upon request by calling (310) 393-7593, or downloaded from the Web site listed above.