Month: August 2020

A New ‘Leash’ on Life

Interest in pet adoption is on the rise thanks to working from home By Anthony Torrise COVID-19 has turned daily schedules upside down, but the limitations that once came with owning a pet (like being chained to an office desk) have been lifted for those who suddenly have more disposable time and attention due to working from home. It’s a leap of faith for some but most of the time the result is an unbroken bond. From March to July of 2020, there has been a nationwide decrease of animals brought into shelters compared to the same period of...

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A Room with a View for Zoom  

Classes may be online and policies confusing but college students are itching to get as close to local campuses as they can By Katherine Brubaker Entering the fall semester of college is always an exciting time for new beginnings. This year’s unprecedented pandemic events make it particularly interesting for students. Now versed in the art of taking online courses, many college students are now struggling with the housing situations of their respective universities. Despite the school year rapidly approaching, university housing policies have shifted continuously throughout the summer, which has left many students confused and unprepared. To better understand...

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Easier than Pie  

Savor the last slices of summer with this reliably delicious dessert By Amy Watsky If you’re in a rush or need to make a presentable dessert, this is it. This is the pie (or rather galette) I would always make when I first started baking. No matter how inexperienced or inept the baker is, the galette reliably always turn out. There’s nothing perfect about it; each one turns out a little differently, which is the beauty of the galette! The dough doesn’t have to flake up into layers to please the eye and the filling is entirely customizable. There’s...

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Ballet for the Small Screen  

Los Angeles Ballet’s “A Chance to Dance” community classes transition to Instagram By Katherine Brubaker The dance world has been thrown for a loop with the COVID-19 pandemic. With in-person dance classes being limited, dancers have had to reconstruct their approach to dancing together. To adapt, classes have moved to outside studio spaces and online. Los Angeles Ballet (LAB) dancers running “A Chance to Dance,” an outreach program meant to bring dance to the LA community, have done just this by hosting live classes over Instagram, then posting the footage on their Instagram page. “A Chance to Dance” was...

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Celebrating the Graduates

The Rotary Club of Westchester honors 2020 scholarship winners By Dev Jaiswal Senior year looked very different for most of West Los Angeles’ 2020 high school graduates. In-person classes? No. College visits? Nope. Prom? Absolutely not. Graduation? Too bad. And for the six Rotary Club of Westchester scholarship recipients from Playa del Rey’s Saint Bernard High School and Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet, no traditional awards ceremony either. Due to this year’s pandemic, the Rotary Club had to cancel their usual buffet meal at the LAX-adjacent Crowne Plaza Hotel honoring recipients of their scholarship awards program. But the club got...

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