Month: November 2020

From the Heart

Jamie Lee Curtis’ My Hand In Yours offers items of comfort and connection Story by Kamala Kirk | Photo by Luis Chavez Whenever someone that she knows is going through a challenging time or needs love and support, Jamie Lee Curtis always says, “My hand in yours.” The award-winning actress and longtime Westside resident has been offering these words of heartfelt comfort to family, friends and colleagues for as long as she can remember. Then about a year ago, Curtis came up with the idea to start a company based on the same premise. “If someone is going through...

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OPINION: Can the Holidays Be Saved?

Finding solutions for staying connected during the holidays By Marcel Gemme As the holidays approach, many of us already know what we’re doing for Thanksgiving. Or better yet, what we’re not doing. Since COVID-19 hit, life has been different. One of the most noticeable ways is in the lack of closeness with others. Often, these are loved ones like our parents and grandparents. When this whole thing began, the sacrifices were sudden. But so was the panic, so it felt warranted. Sadly, despite hospitalizations and deaths rising, that sense of urgency is gone for many. Record-breaking day after record-breaking day,...

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Saving the Planet  

‘Kiss the Ground’ is a groundbreaking film about regenerative agriculture By Caden Sullivan On November 18, the City of Santa Monica’s Office of Sustainability and the Environment and SustainableWorks presented a free documentary film screening and Q&A on Zoom. The film “Kiss the Ground” was released on Netflix this year and tells the story of regenerative agriculture. The collaborative event was hosted by SustainableWorks co-executive director Gina Garcia and moderated by Sarah Spitz, master gardener at UC Cooperative Extension LA County. The film’s directors, Rebecca and Josh Tickell, were joined by Anthony Myint, Zero Foodprint’s director of partnerships, to...

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OPINION: Onward With Fish and Wildlife’s Ballona Project!

The plan for Ballona is the only means to accomplish all goals set for Ballona By Dr. David W. Kay Contrary to allegations made in Opinion (Nov. 11 Argonaut, “Gov. Newsom Shouldn’t Bulldoze LA’s Ballona Wetlands”), the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s plan for Ballona is the only means to accomplish all of the goals set for Ballona after 20 years and counting of expert studies, exhaustive stakeholder engagement and public dialogue. Any other choice falls short and is settling for half a loaf. The opponents brand bulldozers as villains, conveniently omitting that large-scale earthmoving has been the...

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Thanksgiving Made Easy  

A Venice consultant’s cookbook helps people become more turkey savvy By Sara Edwards Venice consultant Jessica Williams’ idea for creating a Thanksgiving cookbook started off with her writing recipes for her son and his cousins. After she told people what she was doing, they began to ask Williams to write her recipes down for them and what her shopping list looked like for Thanksgiving, which made her realize how much of an interest there was in the subject. “It then became this idea that maybe people could benefit from this, especially for what I call us hyphenated Americans such...

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