A Los Angeles man was sentenced by a county Superior Court judge Tuesday, February 28th, to five years in jail after a jury found him guilty on all 52 counts stemming from his arrest for videotaping women in a public restroom at Venice Beach, Los Angeles City Attorney officials said.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court jury deliberated for an hour before finding 25-year-old Aurelia Torrestamayo guilty of 45 counts of invasion of privacy by means of instrumentality; six counts of using a concealed camcorder to videotape another person in a state of full or partial undress without their consent; and a single count of entering a restroom designated for the other sex.

Judge Amy Hogue also ordered the County Sheriff’s Department not to early-release, electronic-release or county parole Torrestamayo, who was further required to register as a sex offender within 72 hours of his release from custody.

Torrestamayo was arrested November 20th last year, after Los Angeles Police Department Venice Beach Detail officers were notified by a victim that she saw what she believed was a camera lens wrapped in a black plastic bag pointing at her from an adjacent stall in the public restroom.

As the victim passed the adjacent stall, she looked under the door and observed a person wearing women’s slippers.

Responding officers found Torrestamayo sitting on the toilet wearing women’s shoes and nylons, with a video camera concealed next to him in a black plastic bag within a small black meshed trash basket, city attorney officials said.

The officers recovered a videotape in the defendant’s gym bag along with an extra camera battery.

A review of the videotapes found that Torrestamayo had recorded 45 women and children urinating and changing clothes over the course of the day, officials said.

The case was prosecuted by deputy city attorney Mitchel Fox of the Pacific Branch, who said this type of activity is not uncommon to the Venice Beach area, which has been the site of numerous “up-skirt” and “changing-bathroom” arrests for video activity.