Twenty-seven candidates have filed to run for 21 open seats on the Venice Neighborhood Council in this year’s Board of Officers election.

The election for the Venice Neighborhood Council Board of Officers is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, September 16th, at the Venice High School Auditorium, 13000 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista.

All Venice community stakeholders may vote to elect the candidates for two-year terms on the Neighborhood Council.

Stakeholders must show proof that they live, work or own property in Venice to vote. A list of valid credentials can be found at

At Argonaut press time, the only Neighborhood Council positions in which candidates were running opposed were treasurer, community outreach and community officer.

Current Neighborhood Council members Mike Newhouse and Linda Lucks are running unopposed for president and vice president respectively.

The names of write-in candidates are not listed on the printed ballot but will appear on a separate list the day of the election. The deadline for write-in candidates to file forms and documentation is 5 p.m. Thursday, September 13th.

Information on becoming a write-in candidate, (323) 256-6330.

The candidates for the seven executive officer positions and 14 community officer positions on the Neighborhood Council are:

ï President

Mike Newhouse

ï Vice President

Linda Lucks

ï Secretary

Joseph P. Murphy

ï Treasurer

Paul Christensen

Edward Ferrier (write-in)

ï Community Outreach

Scott McClain

Ivan Spiegel

Marc Saltzberg

ï Communications

Richard Myers

ï Land Use and Planning

Challis Macpherson

ï Community Officers

Clarence Carter

Mark Castleman

Erica Harms

Michael Eschger

Dexter N. O’Connell

Ira Koslow

Emily Elliott

Nadine D. Parkos

Chris Saurin

James Birkelund

Rasheda Bailey

Aldis Browne

Carolyn Rios

Stewart Oscars

Nicholas J. Karno (write-in)

Morgan Alexander Simon

(write-in) and

Stan Muhammad (write-in)

Information about the candidates will be available at the polling place, or www.venice