Law enforcement agencies at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) say they have recovered over 280 pieces of property following the arrest in late October of two airport employees working in the baggage handling area.

Police arrested the two employees for theft of property from passengers’ luggage. During a subsequent search of the suspects’ residence, police recovered over 280 items that were all believed to have been taken from passengers’ luggage, Los Angeles police said.

One of the suspects allegedly admitted that he has been stealing from passengers’ luggage for about a year. Police say it is believed that the items recovered were mostly taken from luggage checked for outgoing international flights.

The items recovered include jewelry, laptop computers, digital cameras, cell phones, iPods, a variety of brand-name handbags and purses and other items.

Police with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Los Angeles World Airports displayed the items at the LAPD Ahmanson Recruit Training Center in Westchester November 22nd, to allow victims to identify and reclaim their property.

The theft of cargo and items from passengers’ luggage at LAX has long been a concern for the LAPD and Los Angeles World Airports, as the agencies work to protect the safety of the airport, as well as passengers’ property, police said.

In an effort to address those concerns, personnel from LAPD and Los Angeles World Airports say they have been working together in various ways to impact crime and make the airport area “a crime-free environment.”

Information, Lt. Peter Whittingham of the LAPD LAX Field Services Division at (310) 646-2255, and reference Case No. 30783.