The Santa Monica Emblem Club awarded $500 scholarships to three Santa Monca High School seniors during the last week in May.

The awards were based on grade point average, community service and hours worked during high school.

Allegra Fonda Bonardi had an overall grade point average of 3.98 and she worked from three to five hours per week baby-sitting. She was active in many community functions. While college-bound, she has not made up her mind on which college to attend. She was represented by her parents, because she was in New York City playing a concert in Carnegie Hall.

Wyles Vance had an overall grade point average of 4.0. His employment was primarily summer jobs, with the latest being in computer repair and working with a robot.

He was active in varsity track, symphony orchestra and chamber orchestra. His community service involved becoming an Eagle Scout, playing violin at church and other volunteer work. He will be attending the University of California at Berkeley and plans to major in electrical/computer engineering.

Julia Walters had an overall grade point average of 4.0. Her employment consisted primarily of baby-sitting an she was a volunteer lifeguard during the summer. She is currently enrolled in summer session at College of the Canyons and hopes to have a career in the medical field.

Ann Scully, chairwoman of the scholarship committee, said that these young people were most outstanding in all facets of their lives. Margy Pickett of the Santa Monica Elks congratulated the scholarship winners and wished them well in their college careers.

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