A 35-year survey of works by painter and sculptor Don Suggs has been put together by co-curators Doug Harvey (an artist and art critic for the LA Weekly) and Meg Linton, director of the Ben Maltz Gallery.

An opening reception is scheduled for 5 p.m. Saturday, April 14th, at the Otis College of Art + Design Ben Maltz Gallery, 9045 Lincoln Blvd., Westchester. Admission is free.

The exhibit remains on display through Saturday, June 23rd.

Drawing from his works dating back to 1972, the exhibit shows Suggs at work in a range of media and art styles, including geometric abstraction, abstract expressionism, conceptualism, photorealism and pop art (as well as hybrids between any two or more of these styles). Typically, Suggs works in three-to-five-year periods on a particular idea with a specific medium and then switches up his aesthetic pursuits.

Suggs merges traditional media and painting forms with more novelty-based modern and pop art forms.

ìThe reason more people donít know about Don Suggs isnít hard to figure out,î says Harvey. ìOf his solo exhibitions, no two would lead you to suspect they were the work of the same artist.î

Itís only through the span of time that the continuity of his work is now visible, according to Ben Maltz Gallery.

Artists are often pressured by the market to find a singular modus operandi stylistically, but Suggs has steered clear of this, according to the gallery.

Instead, Suggs is an ìartistís artistî and has sought to follow his varied interests in a methodical and intellectually captivating manner, according to Ben Maltz Gallery.

The current exhibit includes paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures from his major bodies of work, including Passions; Autochthonous Views, Proprietary Views; Disappearances, Common Series; Old Genres; Paint Ons; Pacifiers; Tondototems; Heuristic Paintings; Feastpoles; and Fleurs du Mall.

Suggs received his Master of Fine Arts from UCLA in 1972. He has won two National Endowment for the Arts grants (1973 and 1991).

He has had seven solo exhibitions at LA Louver Gallery in Venice and has an upcoming show titled Concentric planned for Thursday, May 17th, through Saturday, June 16th, at that gallery, 45 Venice Blvd. in Venice.

His work has been in dozens of group shows and he has taught at Florida State University, and currently teaches at UCLA, where he has been on the faculty since 1983.

Throughout the years, he has been co-editor with Otis Graduate Studies writing chair Paul Vangelisti of several nonprofit art and literature publications including Boxcar, Forehead and Ribot.

He has also published four art and poetry books, collaborating with Paul Vangelisti and Martha Ronk.

Information, (310) 665-6905.