The demand for slips and the lack thereof make for the occasional sad and unfortunate circumstance.

A 38-foot Catalina sank to the bottom of Ballona Creek recently after a particularly large swell overpowered the anchor’s hold and sent it crashing into the rocks of the jetty. The boat eventually broke in half under the relentless pounding of the surf.

The 1981 Catalina, just brought in from Hawaii, was a strong, seaworthy boat in good condition.

It was alleged that the owner’s plan was to keep it anchored in the creek until the first of the month, then move to a slip in the Marina.

“He decided to anchor it in shallow water, so he wouldn’t have to use as much scope, which wound up being a mistake — with the swell,” Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Carvalho alleged.

The accident, once again, illuminates the controversy of anchoring in Ballona Creek.

The area is vulnerable and many vessels have seen their last days in the grips of the substantial swells and winds that can exist in the zone.

The owner has contracted a removal operation with a private salvage company to remove the boat from the sea floor.