Singapore fried chicken finds a niche in Sawtelle’s culinary corridor

By Jacqueline Fitzgerald

4Fingers’ crispy Asian-style fried chicken comes with rice, kimchi slaw, or seasoned french fries
Photo courtesy of The Launch PR

4Fingers Crispy Chicken 2206 Sawtelle Blvd., Sawtelle Japantown (424) 293-2177

Fried chicken connoisseurs and chicken wing enthusiasts who are ready to expand their palates should make haste to 4Fingers Crispy Chicken in Sawtelle Japantown for fresh, free-range chicken (no antibiotics or hormones) with a tantalizing Asian flair.

Wings, the restaurant’s signature dish, are prepared fresh and cooked to order so they arrive piping hot and full of flavor. (The name 4Fingers is a nod to grabbing a wing sans silverware.) Each piece is hand-brushed with zesty, all-natural sauces that don’t contain preservatives or MSG.

The uncommonly delicious sauces — break-a-sweat spicy, garlic soy, or a combination of the two — really set this place apart.

4Fingers also serves fried drumsticks, sandwiches made with freshly baked buns, rice boxes and salads. As a side, choose from Japanese rice, seaweed, kimchi-flavored skinny fries, or kimchi coleslaw that’s fermented onsite and has a surprising amount of depth.

Vegan fare includes a satisfying sandwich and kimchi coleslaw, minus the mayonnaise. Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible. And the service is super friendly.

The location doesn’t have a liquor license just yet, but stay tuned because it definitely has potential as a neighborhood hangout where friends can gather to watch the big game.

The Sawtelle restaurant opened Sept. 18 and is the popular Asian fast-casual chain’s first U.S. outpost, adding to a portfolio that includes more than 30 locations throughout Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

“Sawtelle is home to a vibrant community, much akin to the melting pot we call home in Singapore. It’s a culturally rich enclave bustling with a charm that is uniquely L.A.,” says 4Fingers marketing head Arun Ratnaa.

Meanwhile, 4Fingers HQ has its eye on other possible locations in California, Texas and the East Coast.

“We are focused on building a strong brand. Our store designs, uniforms and even the kind of music we play reflect that,” says CEO Vijay Sethu. “We are about great food, fast.”