ELLIS ISLAND II, a 34-foot sailboat, took home the top prize in the best overall category at the 50th Annual Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade.


Ellis Island II, a 34-foot sailboat owned by Peter Ellis, with the theme “Golden Christmas Dreams,” was chosen as the Best Overall winner at the 50th Annual Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade Dec. 8.
The theme of this year’s parade was “Celebrating 50 Years… A Solid Gold Christmas.”
The Best Overall champion took home the 2012 Sweepstakes Award of a “trip up the Golden Coast of California” from San Diego to Monterey, which features hotel fare and $1,000 in cash.
The Best Sail category was won by Insolent Minx, a 44-foot sailboat owned by Richard Maire, with the theme of “A Solid Gold Scouting Christmas.”
Moondoggie, a 50-foot powerboat owned by Rob Jarmon, was chosen as the winner in the Best Power category with the theme “Christmas Ago-Go.”
The other category winners and their owners/captains at the 2012 Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade included:

Charter — Cloud 9, 35-foot powerpoat, Marina del Rey Parasailing;
Yacht Club — Cheetah, 68-foot sailboat, owner Chris Slazerman, represented by California Yacht Club;
Organization — My Time 3, 42-foot sailboat, Women’s Sailing Association;
Individual — Tranquil-A-Sea, 28-foot powerboat, Dan Stoneking;
Corporate — Abacus, 48-foot powerboat, James Richards, representing Marina Del Rey Hospital;
Theme — Gracie, 55-foot powerboat, James Mitchell;
Music — Happy Ours, 38-foot sailboat, Fairwind Yacht Club;
Lights — Moorean Bliss, 37 ½ foot sailboat, John Coscarart;
Animation — Michael, 38-foot powerboat, Edward Uchio;
Spirit — Unicorn, 35-foot sailboat, Erin Standley and Ryan Sargent; and
Live Band — Insolent Minx, 44-foot sailboat, Richard Maire



BEST INDIVIDUAL-Tranquil-A-Sea, 28-foot powerboat, Dan Stoneking

BEST LIGHTS- Moorean Bliss, 37.5-foot sailboat, John Coscarart

BEST CORPORATE- Abacus, 48-foot powerboat, James Richards
(Marina Del Rey Hospital)

BEST CHARTER- Cloud 9, 35-foot sailboat, Marina del Rey Parasailing