State Assemblyman Ted Lieu, who represents the 53rd District, has been appointed a member of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, which reviews bills to assess their fiscal impact on the State of California.

“I’m really honored that the Speaker [of the Assembly Fabian Nu“ez] has given me these assignments,” Lieu said. “I’m looking forward to making sure that the taxpayers’ dollars are spent wisely.”

Late last year, Nu“ez also tapped Lieu to be chair of the Banking and Finance Committee, which oversees banking, mortgage lending, credit and other financial products.

Prior to his election to the Assembly, he worked in the legal office of an investment firm.

He was also appointed to the Veterans Affairs Committee and the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.

Lieu was in active duty in the Air Force and is still in the Reserves.

“I’m excited about the opportunity that these committees give me to work on issues that really matter to my district,” Lieu said. “It’s going to be a great year.”