Fifty-four candidates will appear on the ballot for this year’s Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council election to fill all 21 seats on the council.

The Grass Roots Venice election is scheduled between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th, at Venice High School, 13000 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista.

Parking is available at the school.

The Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council was certified by the City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) in March 2002.

The Neighborhood Council has not held an official meeting since November, after the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment ruled last year that the council had no quorum for its last election.

The city Board of Neighborhood Commissioners instructed the department to draft procedures for a new Neighborhood Council election rather than abolishing the Neighborhood Council.

In late June, the city Board of Neighborhood Commissioners approved the election procedures for this year’s Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council election.

Four election outreach events were held in late July and throughout August to allow candidates to register for the election and stakeholders to register to vote.

Eligible voters include anyone who lives, works or owns property within the Grass Roots Neighborhood Council boundaries.

In addition, anyone participating in various organizations within the boundaries of the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council may vote in the election.

Persons at least 16 years old or a junior or senior in high school are eligible to register to vote.

Voters must also bring a valid credential, such as a current driver’s license or California residency card to the election site in order to vote.

Other valid credentials are listed on the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council Web site,

Twenty-one seats, including seven executive committee seats, seven at-large seats and seven district seats, are open in the election.

Candidates for the seven executive committee seats include:

n President (one-year term): Leila Jean Levi

DeDe Audet

Jim Smith

n Vice President (one-year term):

Naomi Nightingale

n Second Vice President (one-year term):

Don Geagan

Yoland Gonzalez

Levi Meir Clancy

n Government Relations (one-year term):

L.J. Carusone

John R. Michael

Alan Ross

n Secretary (two-year term):

Phil Raider

Alice Stek

n Treasurer (two-year term):

Edward Ferrer

C.J. Cole

n Communications (two-year term):

Richard Myers

Erin Grayson

The candidates for the seven at-large seats include:

n At-large (two-year term):

Stewart Oscars

Rick Selan

Colette Bailey

Joseph Gross

Melanie Berry

Diana Pollard

Vessy Mink

Lisa Ezell

Lowell Safier

Linda Lucks

Rob Stone

Kelley S. Willis

Michael King

Peter R. Force

Rebecca E. Tafoya

Karl Abrams

Candidates for the seven one-year term district seats include:

n District 1 (Penmar/Lincoln Place):

Ingrid Mueller

n District 2 (Rose/North Beach):

Susan Papadakis

Jan Sproull

Gwen Howard

Jamie Cantor Ginsberg

n District 3 (Central Venice/Oakwood):

Amber Hartgens

Tom Chou

Brian O’Connell

Stan Muhammad

Edward Dabbs

n District 4 (South of Palms/East of Lincoln):

Mindy Taylor-Ross

Jill Prestup

n District 5 (Windward Circle/Abbot Kinney/Milwood/Walk Streets):

Sylviane Dungan

Howard Saxe

Cynthia McGuineas

n District 6 (Oxford Triangle/Silver Triangle/President’s Row):

Howard J. Wiggett

Jeffrey J. Fritz

Challis MacPherson

n District 7 (Canals/Peninsula/South Beach/Silver Strand):

Sunny Bak

Brett Miller

Nicole F. Midwin

Junius “Jerry” Browne

For more information, “2005 Election link,” or (310) 305-1022.