Mar Vista Small Business Boycott is Fake News

Re: “The Bully’s Playbook,” Guest Opinion, Nov. 30

Op-ed writer Peter Flax moans about social media histrionics and absence of facts in the road diet debate when, in his Nov. 19 Twitter tirade of 20-plus tweets, he cherry-picked from my five-month-old Nextdoor thread (in a neighborhood where he does not live) to mislead the public about a small business boycott that did not — and does not — exist.

The screenshot this “journalist” posted to his more than 5,000 followers was also spread out of context on the public Open Mar Vista Facebook page and the “Biking in LA” blog (and related Twitter account) by that article’s author, Ted Rogers.

In my original Nextdoor thread and others, I acknowledge in no uncertain terms that my poor suggestion of a business boycott was premature and that the small businesses on Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista need our support more than ever.

Look up the idiom “pot calling the kettle black” and you’ll see a photo of Peter Flax.

Dan Grody

West L.A.


Keep Politics Out of Elementary Schools

Re: “A Comeback Story Continues,” News, Nov. 22

Having raised three children, all through college now, I know the importance of a strong elementary school foundation. I was encouraged to read about the Playa Del Rey Elementary School comeback story, but discouraged to see political murals being painted on its walls.

I believe that this country has become so politically charged that parents could have found better motivating slogans to put on the wall — maybe something by an artist, athlete, musician, scientist or philosopher. Why a politician?

When was the last time a politician said anything meaningful since President John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”?

Not that it would change my opinion, but I also take issue with the President Obama quote in the mural: “We did not come to fear the future, but to shape it.” I believe he should have said improve it. When you try too hard to shape things, you don’t always improve them and sometimes they turn out worse.

To inspire my children, I’ll take Muhammad Ali’s “Don’t count the days, make the days count” over any politician’s quotation.

Gila Standring




Re: Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade Program, Dec. 7

When did the Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade become an X-rated event? My husband and I attended this year’s parade with a few other families, all of them with children between the ages of 2 and 12. One of the boats had a stripper pole on it, with a woman doing a pole dance throughout the parade. Never was I so upset.

Initially it looked like the pole dancer wasn’t wearing any underwear, until a second go-round revealed that her bright red underwear was wedged in her butt crack, leaving much exposed. How does a mother respond when her children say, “Mom, she doesn’t have any underwear on!” What in God’s name were they thinking? Absolutely disgusting.

A Concerned Mother


Re: “A Comeback Story Continues,” News, Nov. 22

Principal Valencia Blue is just what Playa Del Rey Elementary School needed — a real shot in the arm.

Judy Freedman