Love is Love

Re: “Real Love,” Cover Story, Feb. 8

Thank you so much for including a same-sex couple in your “Real Love” feature. Mary & Erica, together 25 years — congratulations!

Surprisingly large numbers of gay couples live quiet lives on the Westside, including us — 21 years partnered this June. But we do feel invisible at times, not residing in the gay ghettos of West Hollywood or San Francisco.

Life stories and romance come in many different and diverse ways.  Love is love.

Kyle and Ted Kimbrell

Playa del Rey


Why Trust a Fugitive?

Re: “Police Make Arrest in Fatal Hit and Run,” News, Feb. 1

I was initially elated that LAPD’s Major Crimes Division had tracked down and captured the alleged drunk driver suspected in the 2014 early morning death of jogger Paul Grover on Lincoln Boulevard near LMU. Kudos to the police department’s dogged detective work in finally apprehending the suspect who fled to Nevada and her companion.

But I was totally appalled to read that the two fugitives are now free on bail until their expected court dates. What in the world is going on here? Since they fled California once, should there be any confidence the pair will remain in Southern California for their court appearances?

The driver is charged with recklessly ending a man’s life and promptly disappearing to another state, and her boyfriend is charged with helping her do it. Are these two wearing some type of tracking devices, like we attach to mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains?

Roy Reel, Culver City


Unimaginative and Lazy

Re: “A Few Words About Words,” Letters, Jan. 25

I’ve heard that curse words are the tools of the unimaginative and lazy. That’s how I felt about the Boat Parade entries named Blowjob, Weekend Hooker and now Wet Dream.

Bragging that you don’t mind such names doesn’t prove you are cool. I call it self-centered that you won’t consider the boat parade isn’t just for you, but also for the families who shortly before were playing in the snow at Burton Chace Park. Is it too much to request names that can be announced at the park in front of your kids or parents?

Kris Dahlin

Skipper of the Karlee D, Venice