Four dead and 13 injured at the Gilroy Garlic Festival on July 28.

Twenty-two dead and 24 injured at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on Aug. 3.

Nine dead and 27 injured at a bar in Dayton, Ohio, on Aug. 4.

From Aug. 1 to Aug. 6, The Argonaut surveyed 220 people who follow us on Facebook or voted in our Best of the Westside contest about whether the persistence of mass shootings has impacted their willingness to attend large public events.

A 56.4% majority — 124 of 220 — responded that the increasing prevalence of mass shootings makes them less likely to attend large public events, and 58.6% (129 people) replied that this persistent threat made them less likely to take children or family members along.

More than 86% of survey takers (190 people) favored universal background check requirements for firearm purchases; 5.5% (12 people) were opposed, and 8.2% (18 people) were undecided.

Many survey takers included clarifying commentary for publication, though most who opposed stricter gun controls did so anonymously:

“We have lost the right to be in public without thinking about what to do if there is an active shooter. I eye every exit in case of the worst.” – Alex Becker, Mar Vista

“[Background checks] … plus mental health support, plus eliminating big weapons of mass destruction, plus working together to unite the country.”
– Susan Henderson, Playa del Rey

“I do not want to live my life scared. While I will be more vigilant, I will not stop living my life.” – Lisa McKendall, Westchester

“The prevalence of mass shootings is definitely making me weigh attending events (even locally) that I wouldn’t have normally thought twice about. In 2001 I was present during an armed robbery in Santa Monica. As scary as that was, I was only fearing one bullet being fired at a time. Not several rounds in seconds. We can’t be numb about this — we need more common sense gun laws.”
– Deanna Russo Clark,
Marina del Rey

“I don’t understand how we can force people to register their cars and boats but can’t ask people to register their guns. Even a dog or a cat needs a license in the city of L.A.! Obviously we are not going to be able to ‘get rid’ of all guns, but we should at the very least require that people be trained and evaluated, and all guns should be registered.” – Jennifer Dakoske Koslu, Playa del Rey

“Gun violence is out of control and lawmakers are sitting on their hands because they are afraid of angering the NRA and losing campaign donations.”
– Amanda Reitz, Playa Vista

“I would prefer more concealed carry permits so good people can protect themselves. I also believe there’s a problem with mood-altering drugs that parents put their kids on. Kids grow up and stop taking them. Doctors and parents need to be more cautious and follow up more.” – Chris Mattingly, Redondo Beach

“While I do support universal background checks, they already exist in California and have done nothing to stop mass shootings.” – Armond Seretti, Mar Vista

“I favor a complete ban on the sale of assault weapons and multiple-round magazines. The age to purchase guns should be raised to at least 21.” – Allen Offinitz, Playa del Rey

“All of us and those we love are targets! We must speak out, we must vote, we must support those that are making the change.” – Bonnie Levine, Marina del Rey

“Stopped feeling safe after the mass shooting in Las Vegas at the open air concert. Don’t plan on ever going to a concert or large outdoor gathering again.”
– Teresa Carr, Westchester

“Pass a gun control bill.” – Arshia Sajedi, Del Rey

“More restrictions, if not an outright ban, on assault weapons.” – Matthew Hetz, Westchester

“We are being affected by all these mass shootings. To see all these babies, children, young mothers and fathers being shot breaks your heart. We live in a constant state of depression and fear for this to be happening in our country.” – Patrucua Berger, Cheviot Hills

“Guns are a problem if they combine with anger and hate.” – Gloria Hatchard, Inglewood

“Nothing you do will eliminate the truly evil people in this world. The only thing they understand is death — others’ and their own.” – Robert Oliver, Venice

“We need much tougher gun laws.” – Kim Baker, Westchester

“Republicans are controlling the gun rights agenda — it doesn’t matter what I think.” – Barbara Rubin, West L.A.

“Thoughts and prayers are not enough. Time for our representatives in D.C. to get their acts together, bring about smart gun legislation and stand up to the NRA.” – Lauren Varsano,
Culver City