Contracts for $80.9 million in architectural and engineering services were approved by the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners at Los Angeles Internation- al Airport (LAX)) for a midfield concourse with new gates, a cross-field taxiway project from the northern side of the airport to the south side, and Tom Bradley International Terminal renovations, which include new gates by 2012.

The three-year contracts were awarded to Hatch Mott MacDonald for $39.4 million and to Fentress Architects for $41.5 million. The two companies will work with DMJM Aviation, Inc., a Tampa-based company that received a contract for $25 million to manage the airport’s modernization projects.

Airport commission members said the details aren’t all worked out yet and they acknowledged that there is not enough time to finish the midfield concourse to meet the 2012 promised date to have “flex gates” for the Airbus A380, which is expected to arrive in October.

The delay on the midfield concourse, according to Denny Schneider, president of the Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion (ARSAC), is for the American Airlines area for parking aircraft and maintenance, moving fire and rescue, several ground support entities and some other facilities. The project would require bridging across World Way West.

“My biggest concern is that I had no prior knowledge of these changes,” said Schneider.