Funds for a new city skateboarding park project for Venice Beach have been allocated, according to Sandy Kievman, Venice area deputy to Los Angeles City Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski.

The project, which Kievman says is expected to cost about $800,000, is scheduled to be completed within three years.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Engineering has produced a concept design for the skateboarding park, which is expected to be unveiled within the next few months at community meetings, Kievman said.

“At these meetings the architect will gather input from the community,” said Kievman.

Kievman says the funding for the skateboarding park project will come from the Venice Surplus Property Trust and Proposition 12 — a state initiative that delegates funds to improve the state’s urban parks.

Kievman says that the deadline to use Proposition 12 funds arrives in three years.

“We have to get this project going in order to use the state funds,” Kievman said.

Kievman added that she has received e-mails from disgruntled residents upset about the decision to move forward with the skateboarding park project.

BIKE PATH PROJECT — Another project remaining to be built in the refurbishment of the Venice Boardwalk is the bike path project.

Kievman says that this project is currently underfunded by about $2 million and that the construction of the skateboarding park takes precedence over the bike path due to Proposition 12 funding.

“We need to complete the skateboarding park first because there is a deadline for the funding,” she said.

Kievman could not give a timeframe as to when the bike path project would begin.

“Currently, this project is underfunded,” she said.