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On the Water: Looking Out for the Coast Guard

When the government shutdown suspended Coast Guard paychecks and the Halibut disappeared, a Marina del Rey boater rose to the occasion By Paul M. J. Suchecki Nearly 42,000 U.S. Coast Guard members dedicated to protecting mariners, the maritime environment and our nation’s nautical borders served without pay during the longest government shutdown in history, ironically due to a political impasse over border security. Because it falls under the Department of Homeland Security rather than the Department of Defense, the Coast Guard was the only branch of the military that wasn’t being paid during the shutdown. During those 35 days,...

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Keeping it Small

The Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade continues an intimate community tradition By Paul M. J. Suchecki As the sun set over its canals on Sunday, Dec. 9, Venice hosted its own holiday boat parade – a simpler but more intimate affair that was as much fun as its bigger sibling parade held in Marina del Rey the night before. The colorful event was founded 37 years ago, back when the canals were run down and the idea that a canal-side home could sell for $1 million per bedroom was preposterous, yet the parade still holds its grassroots Venetian charm....

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Catch the Excitement

Fish are biting in Santa Monica Bay, so get out there and reel one in By Paul M. J. Suchecki Now that spawning season has ended and fishing restrictions have been lifted, it’s time for local boaters to dust off their rods and reels. “Fishing is great right now — especially for rockfish, red snapper and lingcod. One of our anglers pulled one in that topped 14 pounds. That’s a pretty good fish,” Marina del Rey Sportfishing owner Rick Oefinger remarked a few weeks ago. As the days lengthen and the waters warm, pelagic fish are now migrating north....

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Man Overboard

A Marina del Rey yacht club’s first black commodore resigns amid complaints of racism and assault, but security camera footage muddies the water By Joe Piasecki The Pacific Mariners Yacht Club will be without a commodore for this weekend’s Opening Day celebrations to kick off the boating season in Marina del Rey. Keith Mott, an LAPD sergeant who became PMYC’s first African-American commodore late last year, resigned from the club on Monday. He is accusing its governing board of tolerating a white former commodore’s use of a racial slur during a heated clubhouse confrontation on Jan. 21. According to...

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Sailing the Winds of Change

Keith Mott becomes the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club’s first African-American commodore By Paul M. J Suchecki Pacific Mariners Yacht Club made history last month by selecting its first African-American commodore, Keith Mott. An LAPD sergeant, Mott is only the second black yacht club commodore in Marina del Rey history and, as far as he knows, the only black man presently leading a yacht club the entire West Coast. PMYC has been around for 55 years and remains one of the few all-volunteer yacht clubs, meaning the club depends more than most on the enthusiasm and abilities of its members....

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