It may have taken a while, but Del Rey is back to the business of block parties again.

On Saturday, Aug. 15, residents of Greene Avenue between Beethoven Street and McConnell Avenue held the first block party in Del Rey in more than 30 years, complete with a fire truck, taco truck, face painter, basketball hoop and potluck.

Jonathan Grossman, who has lived on Greene for nine years, said he got the idea after inviting neighbors to a Halloween party and that the neighborhood took the ball and ran with it.

All it takes to close a street for a block party, he learned, is for at least half of the affected residents to sign off on the idea and for the organizer to come up with $500 — a fee that, in this case, the Del Rey Neighborhood Council waived in order to break Del Rey’s block party dry spell.

“Talk to any family here and they will say that this brought the community together, that this should be an annual thing,” Grossman said.

Added neighbor Kevin Rudy: “I’ve lived here for 18 years and I’m meeting people I never knew.”

— Elliot Stiller