Micah Grasse won’t get gentrified out of Venice quietly


What does a Venice artist do when his studio is about to go under the wrecking ball?

Have a show, of course.

After 14 years in L.A., multimedia artist Micah Grasse is saying farewell to making art in Venice with a show titled none other than “The Last Show of a Recovering Artist” at the I Prefer Not To Gallery on Sunset Avenue.  Grasse’s self-made gallery and studio space of three years is scheduled to be torn down in November to make way for new construction.

Until then, it’s still a place for Grasse to experiment with the light-bending properties of neon and Doost, a specially made reflective glass powder he uses on all his paintings. Opening Saturday, “Last Show” will feature a combination of Grasse’s hand-bent neon sculptures and signs with giant Doost canvasses.

Expect glowing palm trees and luminescent legs at to light up Saturday night open houses at the gallery until Oct. 10.

— Christina Campodonico

 “The Last Show of a Recovering Artist” opens from 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12, at the I Prefer Not To Gallery, 607½ Sunset Ave., Venice. The show runs through Oct. 10, with open houses on Saturday nights for the next four weeks. Call (310) 795-2685 or email IPNTgallery@gmail.com to make a viewing appointment.