As we sit down to our Thanksgiving table, it may seem that there is little to be thankful for as the economy continues to struggle, the housing market is in shambles and many families are dealing with the difficulties of making ends meet. It may sound bleak, but times like these bring out the best in people.

Thanksgiving is more of a concept than just the story of Native Americans sharing their food with the Pilgrims. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our values and our spirit.

We have the chance to remind ourselves and teach our children about charity and tolerance. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the things that we have and sharing our values with others. There are countless groups who get together to help those in need.

Wherever I go, there are people collecting donations or food to feed the hungry. Charities, as strapped as they are, continue to minister to those who need help the most. Families invite friends to their table, singles meet to celebrate the day together, and we reach out to our faraway friends and relatives to wish them well.

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” – W.T. Purkiser.

We at The Argonaut wish all of you, our loyal readers, advertisers and friends a very happy Thanksgiving.