What Thanksgiving looks like for those who don’t spend it at home with family

Story and Photos by Diana Crandall


Story and Photos by Diana Crandall

Homelessness was up 12% in the county and city of Los Angeles in the past two years, according to a report issued earlier this year by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

That’s more than 44,000 people sleeping in cars, encampments, homeless shelters or out on the street.

In September, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the L.A. City Council declared a state of emergency on homelessness.

I wanted to document what Thanks-giving looks like when you don’t spend it at home cooking and hanging out with family like so many of the fortunate among us do.

On Thanksgiving Day, I walked the Venice boardwalk and approached different people — some homeless, some not — to find out what their story was. If they weren’t homeless, I wanted to know why they chose to spend the holiday away from home.