On the final day of the South Bay Yacht Racing Club (SBYRC) Champagne Series Saturday, February 5th, sailors were greeted by light but fairly consistent breezes, which allowed the race committee to run two sets of races for approximately 50 boats in five divisions.

The Martin 242s were out in number and several Schock 35s joined in the One Design race.

When the points were tallied and the winner of the “low point” scoring was awarded, Ripple, a Schock 35 owned by Jeff Janov, was the winner.

The Kleve Trophy was presented to Marylyn Hoenemeyer, representing the team.

It is coincidence that Mumm Champagne was event sponsor and the Mumm 30, Cuvee Caliente, owned and sailed by the Mahaffey Family, was awarded the Mumm Champagne Perpetual Trophy.

First place trophies of Mumm Champagne magnums in customized ice buckets were presented to class winners and second and third place winners received Revere bowls.

When asked about her greatest achievement in this regatta, commodore Julie Albright — who also served as principal race officer for the event — answered, “getting Mumm back on board as the sponsor.”

Steve Glassman, SBYRC judge advocate, had originally acquired Mumm as a sponsor 15 years ago. However, years had passed since the Mumm had been involved as a sponsor.

In hopes of getting Mumm again involved, Albright had approached Mumm-France and was connected to Mumm-USA.

Mumm has a yachting program in which the company sponsors some very prestigious events, including the VendÈe Globe and the Around Alone, and Mumm officials were very happy to involve themselves in this High Point Series, in Southern California.

Hospitality for each of the Champagne Series events was hosted at Marina Venice Yacht Club.

With race committees and support staff, a team of volunteers came together for three days to make this series a very successful event.

Final race results can be viewed at the club Web site, www.sbyrc.org

LUMIAN UPDATE — Fairwind Yacht Club commodore David Lumian continues his sailing experience aboard a Halberg 39.

Lumian was able to contact SMWYC member Jean Meuer on Sunday with an update to his travels. His current voyage is a boat delivery from Hawaii to Guam.

In a party of three, he is the captain of this 39-foot vessel. At the time of the call, they were located at 12 degrees 26 minutes north and 173 degrees 40 minutes west, approximately one-half the distance to the delivery point.

They had sailed through two rather substantial squalls with 40 knots of wind, considered wind force 8.

His anticipation was that they would arrive at Guam Friday, February 11th, or Saturday, February 12th.