By Nicole Borgenicht

Linda King’s artwork has been exhibited in numerous gallery one-person and group shows throughout the United States. With an MFA from the University of Iowa and an MA from California State University, King has taught painting and drawing at Long Beach City College for 26 years. Both her masters and MFA were in printmaking, which she uses in her painterly works. However, rather than with a lot of brush strokes, King pours sand, placing vinyl cut pieces beside some brushed areas all in symmetrical fashions.

The paintings in her newest show Indicators and Origins are abstract suggestions of time and place. Through a fluid technique in layering, King said, “As with printmaking, I put on and take off like an etching. There are separate layers as with history and metaphor for painting transformation.” King revealed painted areas of what was there before layering to show how she builds onto the past.

In looking at her painting Journey, many stories jump out. The metallic paint in areas both sit flatly on a plane but have texture, and at the same time contain an iridescence that flickers outside of the painting. Shapes correspond to something we are familiar with, whether a box or a cloud, but at same time do not always appear in logical ways. Having taught perspective for years, King likes to break its rules and she does so effectively with a surreal dreamy quality.

Another fun aspect of the King Studio show is there is a combination of 5’x5’ paintings and small paintings from 4”x4” to 8”x10”. The little ones are like sketches but beautiful little renditions of pieces of the paintings. Some are complete stories in themselves, very much as if they prompted another idea for the big painting. In other small works there are hints of the larger painting parts, as you might see an object in a representational sketch that relates to a painting.

King described her paintings as “infinite space, but under a microscope.” King also said, “I consider myself an abstract artist, so all meaning is general.” Creating a unique reality, King enjoys having a sense of humor about it. She likes to include recognizable shapes or symbols, floating in space, having fun with the viewer in what she calls, “perception versus perspective.”

In the perfect neighborhood for creative expression, King has  lived in Venice since 1993. She feels that although unfortunately many artists have been priced out of the area, it continues to be a great place. “Artists who are here have a terrific energy and commitment to the arts,” King said. ” Venice is a great location in that it is close to many art venues.”

As a prolific artist, King’s practice of working has been steady during the pandemic. She retired from teaching a few years ago and travels, gardens and spends more time painting. King said, “The quiet time really focused my energies in the studio. I produced a number of artist books and quite a few paintings. The isolation gave me time to work, and more importantly, time to reflect.”

And reflect she does. “Much of my work is about perception, time and memory, order and chaos, the infinite and the microscopic, transition and transformation,” King said. “The lines are often boundaries or areas of transition, defining or enclosing.”

King’s paintings are an experience to see. They point out to the broader universe in combination with symbolic or familiar shapes. This pulls viewers far away from the common existence and back toward her complexity of layers and icons that shift our awareness into subconscious activity. Perhaps in this show Indicators prep our focus with relativity, while Origins takes us beneath the surface to those connections.

Reception Sept 11 from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

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