Go on, my friend.
Don’t be afraid.
Go forth to “The Field”
Where all the lives are made.
Pour your soul into that land
And see what it will yield.
Whatever you can be
Awaits you in “The Field.”
– Jeremy Cone

Not your typical invite to a poetry reading – then again, Jeremy Cone is not your typical poet.
Originally from Boston, Del Rey resident Jeremy Cone leads a bohemian life as a writer, poet, composer, lyricist, photographer and performer around the Westside.
Based out of the original City Hall building in Venice, Beyond Baroque appears to be a perfect fit for Cone the poet as a public space dedicated to expanding the hoi polloi’s intake and understanding of poetry, literature and art. After appearing there, Cone will be in good company among the L.A. bohemia who have performed there, which include Tom Waits, X’s Exene Cervenkova, Patti Smith, Michael McClure, and actor Viggo Mortensen.
Consider “The Field” Cone’s “Beowulf.” He began writing his “epic poem” a year and a half ago in Los Angeles.
“I wanted to grow a life as a human and artist so I put those feelings into poems, then put the poems into songs, and then the songs into a story,” Cone, 27, told The Argonaut.
Previously, “The Field” has been performed as a live show at the Talking Stick Coffee Lounge in Venice and in New York City in June.
“I’ve performed pieces of it at many open-mic venues across Los Angeles, from Hollywood to Silver Lake, Santa Monica to Culver City,” Cone said. “But it’s been a dream of mine to do it at Beyond Baroque since so many great poets have performed there.”
Cone will recite “The Field” on Saturday, July 27 at 8 p.m. Admission: $10. Beyond Baroque is at 681 Venice Blvd.,Venice.