Explore the Venice boardwalk and canals with LA Walking Tours

By Kamala Kirk

LA Walking Tours offers more than 30 tours throughout Los Angeles, including the Venice boardwalk and canals.
Images courtesy of LA Walking Tours

If you’re looking to have some fun while learning about local landmarks and neighborhoods, LA Walking Tours offers more than 30 tours throughout Los Angeles, including Culver City and the Venice boardwalk and canals. Formerly DTLA Walking Tours, the company was founded in 2009 by Neel Sodha, a former Union Station volunteer who was always giving directions to people that needed help getting around Downtown.

LA Walking Tours offers private in-person walking tours and virtual tours on Zoom. Currently due to COVID-19, they are only accepting single-household bookings for in-person tours. Virtual tours are offered weekly and the monthly schedule is listed on the website.

In February 2020, LA Walking Tours offered their first tour of the Venice boardwalk and canals. The two-mile walk included stops at Muscle Beach, the boardwalk, skate park, murals and the canals.

“A lot of people are familiar with the boardwalk but not the canals,” Sodha said. “Our guests loved walking through the canals while learning more about them. We recently held a virtual tour of Venice in early January and we plan to host another one in March.”

The Culver City tour covers the city’s architectural highlights, local landmarks such as the Culver Hotel and Kirk Douglas Theatre, and the history of movie studios in the area.

“When I created the Culver City tour, I thought it would be a great way for more people to become familiar with the area since not everyone knows about its rich and interesting history,” Sodha said. “Both the Venice and Culver City tours provide more detail and depth about the areas. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, people will learn lots of things that will bring out the excitement of those neighborhoods.”

Prior to COVID-19, LA Walking Tours was offering up to eight tours daily. When the pandemic hit, all in-person tours were canceled, so Sodha and his team switched to offering live virtual tours for several months. The feedback they received was overwhelmingly positive and resulted in people signing up from other states and even around the world to participate. The virtual tours have also created a new opportunity for seniors and others with limited mobility who are unable to participate in walking tours.

In addition to tours that cover different parts of LA, LA Walking Tours offers various themed tours such as Haunted Tales, Hollywood History, and others. Sodha and his team are always creating new tours and have more exciting things in store for 2021.

“We are constantly innovating and developing new content,” Sodha said. “In addition to more virtual events, we also plan to expand our tour offerings to areas like Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Westwood. We have a lot of new things that we can’t wait to share.”

For more information, visit lawalkingtours.com