LIVE MUSIC performances at TRiP in Santa Monica cover a variety of genres, from rock to alternative, indie to blues.

TRiP Club in Santa Monica is a friendly, unpretentious neighborhood bar by day, where locals can enjoy deli sandwiches, imported cheeses and bread baked fresh daily, along with a cold beer while they’re playing pool or watching sports on the various TVs.
But each night it is transformed into an exciting live music venue, offering a variety of styles and sounds, from rock to alternative, as well as indie, punk rock and blues, with singers and songwriters.
Club owner John DeCoster, originally from New Jersey, has lived and worked all over the world. He has always had an interest in music and says that a local bar is invaluable to a community.
“We’re often caught up in the rat race of our own lives, and we seldom have an opportunity to interact with those outside of our immediate social circle,” DeCoster says. “There are few places where regardless of age, race, religion or social class people can interact freely. When traveling abroad, the first thing I always do is try to find a local bar to get a better sense for the true culture and people of the area I’m visiting.”
The name of the club was chosen for a very specific reason.
“This is just a way to show that we’re looking at the world a little differently here at TRiP,” he said. “This is all part of who we are and what we do. A trip, whether on an airplane or in some other way, is an escape from day-to-day routine. It’s also an opportunity to experience new things and new perceptions.
“I believe that people who walk through our doors are looking for just that – whether it’s to try an incredible new micro-brew, to listen to new, original music from a band they’ve never heard of, or whether it’s simply to interact with different people in a warm and welcoming environment – we always hope they walk away with an experience,” explained DeCoster.
Josh Wiener, booking manager at TRiP, said “There is never a cover charge for live music at TRiP.
“We want to expose the public to a large variety of music, giving them the ability to choose the music they like, and broadening their interest and knowledge about new acts without having to pay each time.
“This is really the freedom to enjoy music without having to worry about ticket prices until audience members have found a band or act they want to follow to larger venues,” Wiener continued.
He added that the venue only books acts by e-mail now because of the great influx of requests to perform.
DeCoster expressed his views about the music industry this way:
“When it comes to music, I think a small venue is the true catalyst of contemporary music. These are the very environments where artists thrive and are able to pour their soul out on stage in a purely artistic sense. I believe that great music isn’t made in a large corporate office or on the stage of ‘American Idol,’ it comes from real musicians with a passion for what it is that they do.
“I believe that some of the best artists in our generation will likely start off playing in a place just like TRiP. We support local artists and touring acts alike, but book only original acts playing their own original music.”
One of those acts is Dr. Folkman, scheduled to appear at TRiP at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, along with four other music artists. Dr. Folkman is the professional alias for California native Kevin Scott Feldman. His songwriting style, according to, is “a mixture of influences, but is intended to mirror the depth of (Bob) Dylan, the soul of Robert Johnson, and the individualism of the 1990s music scene.”
Having played with a collection of musicians over the years, and while honing his craft as a solo blues artist, he has regularly played at such venues as the House of Blues, The Viper Room, the Good Hurt in Mar Vista, and a cadre of other places in and around Los Angeles.
“Dr. Folkman is a collection of actual life experiences, communicated via the blues, wherein, our protagonist swears off his life as a doctor, in an existential moment, to chase a life as a blues songwriter,” according to
TRiP is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily. The kitchen is open from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., daily, offering beers from around the world and an exclusive local wine list. A new feature is the on the website. A schedule of performances is also online.
TRiP is at 2102 Lincoln Blvd. (corner of Grant Street and two blocks south of Pico Boulevard), Santa Monica. Information, (310) 396-9010, or