Like his friend Dennis Hopper, Robert Dean Stockwell started acting in films at a young age and both have been involved in the Los Angeles art scene since the 1950s.

Now Stockwell has an upcoming exhibit of his collages set to open Tuesday, August 30th, at the Craig Krull Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica. Admission is free.

A reception is scheduled for 4 p.m. Saturday, September 10th. Also on display at the gallery will be Burn Out!, an exhibit of photographs by Joe Goode; and Duotone Solarizations, an exhibit of works by Edmund Tuske.

Among Stockwell’s contemporaries on the art scene are Bruce Conner, Lyn Foulkes, George Herms and the late Wallace Berman, whom Stockwell bailed out of jail when Berman was infamously arrested on charges of showing indecent material at the Ferus Gallery in 1957, according to the Craig Krull Gallery.

The new exhibition will feature Stockwell’s recent collages, made with vintage source material. Many of the images are politically and erotically charged, and their dreamlike juxtapositions are closely related to the provocative constructed realities of the Surrealists, according to Craig Krull Gallery.

Rocker Neil Young once said of Stockwell’s work, “Dean’s art has been a part of my music in one way or another since I first met him in Topanga in the 1960s.” Young adds that Stockwell, “retains the brilliant edge that has characterized all of his work since the beginning.”

Stockwell’s prolific film career includes having acted in the David Lynch-directed films Blue Velvet and Dune; the television series Quantum Leap; and the film Madonna: Innocence Lost, playing the role of pop star Madonna’s father, Tony Ciccone.

Stockwell made his film debut as a child in 1945 in the film The Valley of Decision and Anchors Aweigh.

In the late 1950s, he was adored by teens who were looking for a rebellious figure after the death of James Dean. He is often associated with the Beat generation, and he has had an admiration for revolutionary artists, poets and musicians.

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