Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) — the City of Los Angeles agency that owns and operates city airports, including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) — released an Addendum to the Final Environmental Impact Report (F-EIR) for the modernization of LAX Wednesday, September 22nd, said Thomas Winfrey, LAWA spokesman.

The addendum consists of an introduction (Chapter 1) and the following technical components:

n additional discussion of environmental consequences relative to the relocation plan/property acquisition; and

n environmental justice and air quality.

The addendum also includes refinements to the LAX Plan and LAX Specific Plan for Alternative D, a feasibility analysis of the three “Alternative E proposals,” and refinements to the Environmental Action Plan.

Two appendices cover additional comments and responses and an errata (error in the printed text) to the final EIR.

LAWA also released revised copies of the LAX Plan, LAX Specific Plan and Mitigation and Monitoring and Reporting Program.

The LAX incorporated refinements and corrections that have occurred since the initial publication in April.

Corrections were made to factual details and repetitive and unclear language and policies were deleted, said Winfrey.