The Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble is presenting the world premiere of Adeline’s Play, a story about a few inhabitants of an Illinois factory town who produce their first show, beginning Thursday, August 13th through Saturday, September 5th at the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica.

Written by Kit Steinkellner and directed by Amanda Glaze, Adeline’s Play transports the audience back to the year 1934 in the rural factory town of Flanagan, Illinois. Adeline, the play’s protagonist, has returned to Flanagan from “not-quite-a-career” in Los Angeles as a failed actress, but her optimism and inspirational desire to tell a wonderful story breathes light into a depression-weary town, a Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble spokesperson said.

Side by side, the ragtag cast reflects upon and endures the good times, bad times, and the

many misadventures that lead them to opening night, until an unexpected revelation exposes

secrets from the past.

“Their journey is fascinating,” says Glaze. “We get to see all the characters at their worst, the ugly truth, their selfishness and their insecurities.

“It’s the raw stuff. The play takes all of this and fashions a community, a construct greater than all of them, making something positive,” she continued. “It doesn’t mean the difficult things are gone, but together, we can get through them and help each other shine a light on a brighter tomorrow.”

The cast includes Kyle Cadman, Ariel Goldberg, Coco Kleppinger, Dina Percia, Isaac Wade and Sarah Watson. Tickets are $15 when purchased in advance at, or $20 at the door.

The Powerhouse Theatre is at 3116 Second St. in Santa Monica.